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The Colossus Addon Mod (CAM) extends the number of growth stages for growable (RCI) lots to 15 for residential and commercial, to 10 for industrial and to 7 for agricultural lots. This download contains an installer for Windows.

In order to properly install CAM, please follow the instructions here:https://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=14574.0

No other dependencies are required for the CAM to work, but we advise you to install the CAM Starter Packs. This way, you'll have a larger collections of CAMeLots growing, and less visual repetition in your cities.


Disasterjunkie Norton antivirus tells me this is a virus and it blocks it. 2020-02-13
TrayLo1201 Then it tells me to merge the SimCity_1.dat file with the file in plugins folder...any one know what to do would be greatly appreciated 2018-03-10
TrayLo1201 I am running Win 10 and cannot get the installer beyond the DatPacker.exe file. It says it could not update my sim city_1.dat file or something to that extent. Any help is greatly appreciated 2018-03-09
Windows 牛逼了 2017-01-27
panartur Doesn't work on my client( I don' know why... SC4 Rush Hour 2017-01-22
panartur as a mod working with Russified version of the game? 2017-01-22
AsimPika3172 I like CAM, including newest version 2.1.0 right now! Just waiting for next version soon! 2017-01-17
Darell Nice add-on. Since I don't have this, I cannot see skyscrapers like Pedriana Pharmaceuticals and etc. Since I had to download it. The tweaks are very nice 2016-05-05
gunkz32 What the function of this CAM ?<br /> I really dont understand yet ? please who can explained to me ? 2015-11-05
TheG4rlicBread Almost 8 years later still being the best mod in simcity history 2015-10-24
Zeratai Almost 8 years and still don't know if i should CAM... Ive tried it (painfull to fully install it) but kinda regret it. I do like some things but others don't.... To CAM or not to CAM will always be the question. 2015-08-18
simcitybar kd5rax Flora Props Set.dat 2015-07-16
Tarkus There is a Mac version. No installer, but the mod itself is actually fairly simple to install. The URL is http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1009 2015-06-07
keenan Is there an installer for Mac OS? I clicked on the link for CAM for Mac OX, but it only sends me here to the Windoes installer 2015-06-06
Isschei do I need to download the traffic thing<br /> 2015-02-08
Disasterjunkie wow.... I just found out about CAM. can I use it with NAM? or I\'m still a noob and I don\'t know what the blip I\'m talking about. 2014-07-07
TheKatamariguy I\'m sorry, but will this cause problems for an already-developed city? 2014-03-05
Tarkus capt_blackwood: None of those files are required to use the CAM itself. Those are for some of the initial CAMeLots that are out there, which are not required. 2013-11-30
maelito93 gracias hace rato tenia ganas de volver a jugar sc4 :D 2013-10-19
luozhaolei66 thank you very much 2013-10-04
capt_blackwood So, Tarkus. Are the files in these threads, required? http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1890.0, http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2039.0 2013-10-03
Tarkus MasterT82: Yes, the mod does not require any of the starter packs or any other downloads to operate. It sounds like you\'ve tried to install other stuff, but didn\'t get all the dependencies.<br /> lauchavm: The CAM is a mod that changes how the game operates, with respect to growth stages, and the types of changes it makes are going to seem rather subtle to someone who is new to using custom content. It\'s not going to cause new buildings or custom content to suddenly spring up in your city immediately after installation. How exactly are you unable to \"make it work\"? 2013-09-01
lauchavm hello. I downloaded the CAM and uh read the manual it brings,<br /> but I can not make it work.<br /> I have sim city 4 DELUXE EDITION, and deleted all previous eh modds, leaving blank plugins folder.<br /> If someone could help me! THANK YOU! 2013-08-21
MasterT82 I Downloaded the CAM right, and now i keep sing these boxes of which i assume are because of missing content. Did i go wrong somewhere? Can i download just the effect of CAM and not the Lots with it? 2013-08-20
japanrocks :) hope this will increase the population 2013-08-08
icikiro gekido arigato 2013-08-04
Tarkus For those confused about the size or dependencies, the CAM is actually just a mod to rebalance the RCI system and add new growth stages. It is NOT a modpack to add buildings to the game. See http://simtarkus.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/the-cam-colossus-addon-mod-separating-fact-from-fiction/ 2013-07-31
LeoFLT 2coool 2013-07-23
Coopernello GREAT! Thank You 2013-07-02
ayayay great program for sim city 4 ! 2013-06-07
ayayay good ! 2013-06-07
Badoway Terima kasih 2013-06-03
Hix Thanks, SC4RH+NAM+CAM > SC2013 2013-05-22
luxhit it\'s wondeful 2013-05-11
SC4DOCD Hi, I just registered here to check out CAM but, why is it only 898kb?? I read elsewhere it was a 1 gig. Am I clicking the wrong link? 2013-04-25
locomotion3 Thanks a lot 2013-04-21
Windows 2013-04-15
sisisi Thx !!!!!!! Awesome ! 2013-04-08
MondayStar Thank you! 2013-04-06
Henri54 thanks bro 2013-03-26
Swen THX 2013-03-07
Mozz great! 2013-03-02
boots8087 I have never tried a Mod for Sim City 4 before. I am excited to try this CAM and see where it takes me. I just want to say thank you to everyone who had a hand in creating this CAM and to the others who make this game very enjoyable and a challenge. 2013-02-24
jvitorgsantos Thanks! it\'s a good 2013-01-17
Nickalie5 Where are the dependencies needed for the mod to work? Are they the mods from the installation or..is it something else? Please HELP! I\'m really sick of seeing the same old buildings repeatedly, and this mod was meant to be the beacon of light in a dark night. Please show me, or tell me the dependencies or texture pack needed for the buildings to be visible instead of boxes D; 2013-01-10
Nickalie5 Is there a texture pack mod that I need to install because all buildings apart of this add-on are brown boxes, is their any mods that the CAM isn\'t compatible with?...cause I\'ve got a lot of mods and would love to know if their is a list of non-compatible mods or necessary mods... so that I can see actual buildings instead of boxes...? 2013-01-10
mitsch2011 very cool 2012-12-14
edellei So many thanks 2012-12-08
b30765 s 2012-11-20
joaoluiscf Thank you!!!! 2012-11-12
cefien How come there\'s no description about any dependency around here....?!!! Brown boxes started to pop up like damn fungus when i installed this mod...it also ruined my cities when NOTHING built even when the demand was skyhigh. I tried everything i could to fixed this, when i finally decided to kick this thing out of my plugins and my cities went back to normal....i mean, what the heck\'s wrong with this mod...?!! No offense but, i don\'t like this, man.. 2012-10-15
sleeping forest thanks 2012-09-25
JeromeIsTheMan Thank\'s :D 2012-09-22
chyako thank you! 2012-09-19
Tarkus Actually, it includes about 200 lots with Maxis buildings, designed to take advantage of higher stages, right out of the box. 2012-08-07
bigthing To all that are asking about dependencies, there are none, however, to take advantage of this mod you must download CAMMABLE (CAM compatible) building\'s, otherwise you will never see development past what you could always get. 2012-07-24
rbcdefg nice addon ! 2012-07-07
agustyan wow :) 2012-06-24
slurpy Let\'s check it out! My first mod... 2012-06-19
razorg tks 2012-05-31
kokosnootje are there no depedencie\'s? 2012-04-27
vishals730 nice 2012-04-19
daniel_007_99 Without dependencies? 2012-04-05
GamerManGT5 Thank you 2012-03-19
kei1424 Thank you! 2012-03-19
sebastiaancraens lol xD 2012-02-29
RrR2010 Good!!! 2012-02-17
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-08
prince_amy Yahoo Alwsome 2012-01-31
tarmiji thanks 2012-01-10
cesium rainbow Question: How would CAM work with SPAM? In other words, is CANNED SPAM a possibility? SPAM pretty much fully overhauls ag. so I worry about adding growth levels. Is there any way to exclude the ag. portion of CAM? 2012-01-10
Zeta. 2012-01-06
Ibrahim Thank you for sharing this and also thank you for your effort to create this.. 2011-12-27
hoss48458 Thanks 2011-12-23
juanma669 Exelente 2011-12-19
HHT535042 2011-12-10
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
kaliwoot tyty 2011-11-21
Ilikeanrhw Maybe I should try this :D 2011-11-06
HTCchacha nice works 2011-11-05
lordmuda let\'s get it on 2011-11-03
fangio057 merci 2011-10-22
YZC 2011-10-01
bernelux i hope that this will be great 2011-09-14
titoviana thank yoooou! =D 2011-08-17
Ioseph Thanks, I will download it and try it on my cities. 2011-08-08
dazniniel Me Encanta ......!!!!!! 2011-08-07
Ssean Thank You Again 2011-07-13
minza 186 2011-07-13
-oscar- great... 2011-06-16
sagazero good~!!!!!!!!!! 2011-06-13
sedated45 Great! 2011-06-10
rjamesp :D 2011-06-05
kasanawi thanks 2011-05-24
saruru7go ><b good 2011-04-28
riyapaza how to fix CO$$$ not build ? 2011-04-24
8080 cool 2011-03-29
kurakuraku thx very much for the file 2011-03-24
kurakuraku thx very much for the file 2011-03-24
wangbiliao 2011-03-23
geindoll tahnk you very much! 2011-03-22
nisiiri Thanks 2011-03-15
Frex_Ceafus03 Cool 2011-03-14
Lahm Thanks a lot! 2011-03-07
nxnxa1 buenichimo!! 2011-03-03
sukoen thanks 2011-02-28
manong thank you for this 2011-02-28
ameerulahsan Great work!!!! 2011-02-25
drx1994 A must for any SimCity 4 player 2011-01-18
mayor rully thank you :) 2011-01-17
Armonjoe201 This is awesome, tyvm!!! 2010-12-30
jaykunanrak Great!! 2010-12-28
dennyrr35 I Be Install It Thank 2010-12-20
GuyverScythe I am Thankful for the Colossus Addon Mod. Just cleared out my mess of plugins to download stuff again and organize it right. This one is essential. 2010-11-25
xv thx!! 2010-11-11
Adzik nice thing. Your really good guys! 2010-11-10
mikeld its too late for me to install this as Ive already got industry quads and farming times 10 jobs and it would just conflict with everything Ive already set up with the buses being right near the lazy weak pedestrians. Now by having them walk faster they wouldn\'t use my close bus stops then would they? 2010-10-17
Servatis Awesome! :D Ty 2010-10-06
tums16 Thank...You! 2010-10-01
rejhaaja like this,thanks 2010-09-15
reyman man thanks a lot, now i gonna have some fun with sc4 un saludo a todos los colombianos 2010-09-08
crazysimguy YES!!!!!! OMG thank you so much guys 2010-09-04
saymonlopessilva Its good 2010-08-07
klourn yes yes yes yes this is the last thing i need ty ty ty!!!!!! omg best thing on sc4devotion w00000000000t 2010-07-29
Constant OK! Good of This Mod ! 2010-07-27
kongque6dong very good 2010-07-26
tinzlive 2010-07-25
chenshan363 thanks,i need this 2010-07-24
chenshan363 thanks,i need this 2010-07-24
chubber This looks good. Is the name a pun that goes with the picture? 2010-07-22
pjc1965 Very nice! Excellent . 2010-07-21
densaat I dont know what this is about, but I trust the comments and try it out! ;-) 2010-07-16
Guardian_Angel18 cheers! 2010-07-15
Highrise99 I just ordered the LEX DVD yesterday. I found out in the forums that you need the core files for the CAM. Thank you! 2010-07-09
blitzkrieg_witchcraft thx 2010-07-08
Dubbel Thank you soooo much!!!! Everybody who worked on this, GREAT WORK!! 2010-07-03
Macnasty477 Thank you for your hard work on this incredible piece. Wish y\'all were apart of the development team at EA 2010-06-30
ardar nice 2010-06-28
blendercloud Fantastic! 2010-06-18
gonzalo mr@les I love this!!!!!!!!!! its great!!!!!!!!!! 2010-06-14
first69timer ^_^ 2010-06-09
yysdu Thanks 2010-05-29
ekzo-six4seven i need this, thanks 2010-05-26
sejr99999 thank you will renew the game for me 2010-05-09
Chiaa nice! 2010-05-03
Fulker Thank you! 2010-05-02
Philcon I love it! Sory but my english is terrible! But i love all you! 2010-04-30
starfinder9659 plus, SUPER WORK!!!! 2010-04-29
starfinder9659 I think this is the most comments I have ever seen on a upload on the lex!!! 2010-04-29
uratoraman 2010-04-29
Aldini10 i haven\'t been on the LEX for 2 years. It\'s good to finally download something from this website... Thanks! 2010-04-24
tsukasa02 Thank u so very much! 2010-03-24
denmis23 125 2010-03-15
cardwellent please help me here. I downloaded a modd which reduces the stage level that the high rise commercial buildings appear at. will this modd interfere with that. I like the buildings but I want them to appear at lower stages. Is there a way to edit this modd so it won\'t alter the stage growth but will allow me to still use the buildings that this is a dependency for. Please PM me. 2010-02-23
sillyror i figured out my problem, nvm 2010-02-18
sillyror Ever since I installed I can\'t get any residential zones to grow even though demand is very high. 2010-02-18
CobraBlackTail Cool work... 2010-02-09
jungle thank u 2010-02-07
river79423 &#22909;&#20687;&#26159;&#35828;&#29378;&#38271;&#39640;&#27004;&#22823;&#21414;&#65292;&#35797;&#35797;&#30475; 2010-01-29
blacklisted Thought I\'d say thanks for providing this neat little tool that does big things. 2010-01-28
DKHATUNE thanks for this nice program 2010-01-28
Snitchie Thanks, now time to build! :) 2010-01-21
NewEra Thank You Very Much! 2010-01-03
brandbrand32 Thank you 2010-01-03
plai great!! 2009-12-29
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
godealzz hey, i can\'t download this,, \"HTTP ERROR\" 2009-12-26
BKM Thank you Kassu 2009-12-24
longshen01 thanks 2009-12-19
denmis23 116 2009-12-07
KongKlam This surely seems like a very nice idea, can\'t wait to try it:) 2009-11-18
pjc1965 Well...what can i say? Now its much more realistic,especially the commute times. Thank you !!!!! Wonderful ! Love it ! 2009-11-18
kimiraikko hope i know how to use this addon 2009-11-12
Natanpoa Sensational!!!!!!! 2009-10-28
Natanpoa Thank you! 2009-10-28
alex74 Excellent!! 2009-10-21
Tivito2009 THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! 2009-10-13
lyo1984 Thank You.... Yeah.. 2009-10-12
Lelouch86 I hope it\'s woks =D 2009-10-05
tiandong Just get it!I am so glad that I\'ve visited English website for the first time!Just for the SC4. 2009-09-30
RippleJet <b>olympian850</b>, check <a href=http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2039.0><b>CAMeLots - Linking all available lots and bats</b></a>. 2009-09-29
olympian850 this sounds like an awesome mod when i downloaded it, but does this mod have any dependencies? Because when i downlaoded it, brown boxes started appearing instead of the building. I could use a little help 2009-09-06
IDK cool 2009-08-28
Androssimon Best thing ever! thanks 2009-08-22
Pioneer445 Personally it messed my game up a little bit 2009-08-19
Kaiser120 Ooopsie, accidentally installed in simcity4 plugins 2009-07-31
Kaiser120 what does it do? I don\'t speak SimCity jargon, what does it do???? 2009-07-31
Kaiser120 what does it do? I don\'t speak SimCity jargon, what does it do???? 2009-07-31
X9319 Why was this made? 2009-07-31
noxplode1 :D ty! 2009-07-31
RippleJet <b>leongtomex</b>, check the <a href=http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?board=185.0 target=\"_blank\"><b>CAM Support Board</b></a> and ask your question there if you cannot find an answer by yourself. 2009-07-20
leongtomex How come I can\'t get any residential to grow since I downloaded this? 2009-07-17
Mtime6 Nice, now to find all the dependencies. 2009-07-15
dastardly thx, im trying it out 2009-07-14
theRadical This is a sweet a totally essential mod. Thank you for working on it! I came back to get the link so I can recommend it to a friend. 2009-07-06
RippleJet <b>komekazee</b>, read this: <a href=http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2039.0 target=\"_blank\"><b>CAMeLots - Linking all available lots and bats</b></a> 2009-07-06
komekazee where can i get your dependicies for this update? I keep getting brown boxes and their like stage 10 and 11 residential buildings 2009-07-01
earwax_man When is version 2.0 coming out? Great job BTW! 2009-06-28
wax18 2009-06-15
RippleJet @<b>Surfster7070</b>, here:<br> <a href=http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1009>http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1009</a> 2009-06-08
Surfster7070 where could i find this for Mac? 2009-06-05
euodeioosapo :) 2009-05-22
Vostak Very cool indeed, but I am having trouble with this mod. I don\'t see anything that changed at all. 2009-05-21
aqlec congratulations :) all your hard work has cullimated into the release of the gamechanging mod! Thank you 2009-04-07
RomeoChen I get that,thank U... ^^y 2009-03-24
iraha jest oki.dzieki 2009-03-21
bootymelody terima kasih RippleJet 2009-03-20
takapy Thank you! 2009-03-14
Dadar Excellent! Thank you! 2009-03-13
Khevenhiler Thank you! 2009-03-08
Koltedkead Simply Amazing mod 2009-02-26
Doomblade Sweet been wanting this for awhile and now I have it thanks 2009-01-04
klz_xt thx alot!!!!!!!:-) 2008-12-29
double Thank you! 2008-12-20
Lilojame I have to say that even if I am still learning how to play with CAM installed I liked it very much. As someone before me said, it is like an expansion for SC4. When added also all other custom contents here we get not only SC5 but more SC6. In any case, you guys (and girls of course!) are making and old and buggy game shiny new and exciting with each upload to LEX and thus making it immortal. Thank you very very very much for all the time and nerves and imagination that you are putting in development of new things that are making the SC4 Experience a blissful and joyful time! Thank you again! 2008-12-11
MANIACAVE Thank you 2008-12-10
raxo 2008-11-28
Asianto Thanks RippleJet I found the manual..... 2008-11-14
RippleJet AsiantaToo: The CAM Manual can be found under Program Files/BSC/Colossus Addon Mod, under the Start button in Windows. It is installed under \"My Docs\\SimCity 4\\LEX_Downloads\\BSC\\Colossus Addon Mod\". If you want to read it before installing CAM, it is available here: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1877.0 2008-11-12
AsiantaToo Sorry to say I can\'t find the manual in the zip file downloaded 2008-11-07
RippleJet thailovesc4, unfortunately no. I\'d love to see someone translate it to Thai though! 2008-10-10
thailovesc4 Do you have THAILAND README ? 2008-09-22
littleth Thanks a lot. It\'s help me more. 2008-08-29
chasespncr umm i was wondering if this is compatible with windows vista..i downloaded it once and had to re-install simcity 4. problem is i downloaded a butt load of stuff at one time so i dont know if its what screwed it up. thanks =) 2008-08-09
feelingshehides Thank you 2008-08-06
magicknightw Thank you! 2008-08-03
hidousi good! 2008-07-19
ch_ris_l This is the next real expansion pack for Simcity 4. Indeed, it beats Societies! Awesome job! 2008-06-30
hwung make the game more intresting 2008-06-11
CWS2710 Excellent!!! 2008-05-07
Ryshtyan What a cool download. Thanks so much for the hard work put into this, allowing someone like me to find new tools to improve my gaming experience. 2008-04-20
chupa nice 2008-04-12
chupa very fantastik mod!! 2008-03-07
sydneybaby im a new member, and i thought with all the good comments i thought ill download it,something that gives you more,i like that1 2008-03-07
pqlala great 2008-03-03
gengnro good foods! 2008-02-11
Mattcooper first time on this site - this looks A M A Z I N G! thanks for sharing with me :) 2008-02-08
streetwise I\'m definitely going to give this a try, as I\'ve just downloaded it. 2008-01-02
smstevenms Haven\'t tried but sounds like it\'ll do the job! 2007-12-05
dadyrghluv sweet!! 2007-11-24
guy Whoa cool thats new. Is this on simtroplis.com. 2007-11-24
mpmbip Excellent!! 2007-10-19
osshauwa GOOD 2007-10-14
manicup :O It\'s very cool :D 2007-09-29
bblubb A whole new development experience. I will probably never play the game again without it. 2007-09-26
dokey3 DO we have to pay for this cause I got an account but I dont want to pay? 2007-09-20
TTTTL Thanks!! 2007-09-10
brney1000 Thank you from a new member here. 2007-08-30
frankknopers Nice mod to get cities even bigger. Making profit is too easy though, which is a bad thing. 2007-08-28
Rebs07 Have\'nt tried it yet, but when I do I\'ll come back and give my 2 cents. 2007-08-28
chris0101 Very impressive. Will be useful for high populations. 2007-08-21
oddball59 This is something else! Thank you for creating and sharing it. 2007-08-17
SLagonia How come I can\'t get any residential to grow since I downloaded this? 2007-08-08
fsl_hero good stuff right there 2007-08-05
DJGspinNhitz THANK YOU !!!! 2007-08-05
Lila For some reasons the Query for the lots and bases for them wont appear. Seems like it\'s a bug. 2007-08-04
demoreno This is great. Can it be applied to current regions or do we have to start new regions to use the CAM? 2007-08-04
Vario Fantastic Work Guys! 2007-08-03
suicidejeff cool 2007-08-02
Hydra Great work. 2007-08-01
powerpill-pacman Great, finally the wait is over. Thanks so much for this. 2007-08-01
patfirefghtr Sweetness thank you very very much!!!! congrats to all that have worked there butts off for this.... 2007-08-01
1ajs i hope this works in cedega...... 2007-07-31
dioangel WOOOOOHO THE WAIT IS OVER!!!! :-D Sorry I posted it double in the mac... wasn\'t looking. 2007-07-31
beskhu3epnm Finally - the masses can have it all! 2007-07-31
Jmouse The only thing I can contribute is gratitude, but there\'s plenty of it! 2007-07-31
jeronij 2007-07-31
Sim Shady congratulations :) all your hard work has cullimated into the release of the gamechanging mod! Thank you 2007-07-31
Cowboy[Texas] I was reading about this a while back. Congrats on completing it and thanks for all the work and effort. 2007-07-31
SlimShady This is going to make this game so much better. Thank you all for this wonderful gift! 2007-07-31
TheTeaCat Wahay its arrived at last. Thanks to all the team who made this possible. 2007-07-31
bigslark Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 2007-07-31
blackbeard Holy crap it\'s here.Thanx to all those who have worked so hard on this awesome Mod. 2007-07-31
mightygoose wooo hooo lets get this thing on 2007-07-31