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Creator: xannepan Upload Date: 2007-01-29
Last Update: 2007-11-21 File Type: Props
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Now Obsolete - please refer to BSC MEGA Props JENX Vol03 MISC (for the props: BSCBATProps_JENX_Gare_du_Nord_Vol01.dat) and BSC Textures vol02 (for the textures: BSC Textures JENX Gare_Du_Nord Vol01.dat)
Updated to resolve a conflict with another light cone.

These two files contain the small props and textures from xannepan's Gare du Nord and were collected together when the lot was given to BSC. As xannepan subsequently released the lot himself these have remained at BSC but as it appears that lot makers are using the props and textures they are being released so that users of the lots do not have to download a large file that they may not use. If you already have the beta Gare du Nord from Simtropolis you do not need these files and downloading them could result in duplicate files on your system.


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