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Creator: vil Upload Date: 2007-08-23
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Animated dutch windmill props. Details and questions at: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=475


Fufumagnato Vil_colo2 have nothing, is it normal ? 2018-09-05
sejr99999 thank you will good use from these congrats on making them animated still not that many available 2010-12-08
sebes Great addition to the game! 2007-09-23
Livin in Sim Sweet inovation, great work! 2007-09-01
Xperian Lol at the comments. Nice model vil. :] 2007-08-25
dioangel I know forgot to type his name instead of yours barby. *hugs* Sorry lol 2007-08-24
c.p. Awesome work. Thanks Vil. 2007-08-23
barbyw Linda: I did not make these:-) 2007-08-23
kimcar Very nice thanks 2007-08-23
dioangel beautiful model Barby! 2007-08-23
jacqulina beautifull work thanks 2007-08-23
Bengt Argh :o Awesome stuff 2007-08-23
JanYpe This looks very gooc, thank you. 2007-08-23