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Creator: SimGoober Upload Date: 2007-08-29
Last Update: 2007-09-05 File Type: Gameplay
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This now forms part of the updated BSC Essentials
Updated with missing queries
This is a pack with all my queries and early small props. Please use the enclosed text file to remove the files on the list or let BSC Cleanitol do the work for you. Please read the following first:

1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of BSC Essentials first.

2. Run the Cleanitol file for the SG extras and back up any files found.

3. Install SG Extras.


Tyberius06 The props has been merged into the BSC MegaProps Misc vol. 2: https://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1771 2019-07-22
budalord please unlock the file please 2015-09-26
billpaxton1234 please please please please unlock please with a little cherry on top 2012-04-04
akloz sry, i didnt not read 2012-01-11
akloz unlock plz |: 2012-01-11
JTacoma really? 2012-01-10
ash7015 thanks 2011-12-19
Mocha2007 COME ON UNLOCK THIS!!! 2011-07-13
Aliktren this needs to be unlocked I think 2011-01-10
mamacitanaz not included in bsc essential files. Cleanitol says its missing 2010-09-26
chinaman6913 Why is this locked? 2009-11-08
hakdan desbloquealo 2008-11-08
texanpride786 thnx 2008-05-31
edw hie gracias ... 2008-05-19
Luc FYI: Setup installs a file \'SG_SmallProps.dat\' into \'...\\SimCity 4\\Plugins\\BSC\\BSCProps\' without prompting. Don\'t know if there might occur any conflicts during future updates. Anyways: Great job with structuring your archives!!! 2007-11-16
skyjuice 2007-09-04
Hydra Is there a better way then using Cleanitol because I have tryed that and do work right. Anyway thank Barbyw and Simgoober. 2007-08-29
patfirefghtr sweetness tidying up the folders... ty very much 2007-08-29