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Creator: SimGoober Upload Date: 2007-08-31
Last Update: 2022-07-11 File Type: Props
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UPDATE: 11.07.2022 for Project ZIP. Installer replaced with ZIP file and other housekeeping, courtesy of Tyberius06.
This is pack 1 of 3 for models of office blocks made by simgoober that have all been updated. There is a text file in the zip with the files to be removed or use BSC Cleanitol to do the job for you.
For the full list of contents (which single prop packs, models and props were stored into this pack) please check the included cleanitol file. It also helps you to remove all the old prop packs which this upload aims to replace. You just need to run the included Cleanitol_SG_Models_Offices_HiRise1 v2.txt** with the BSC Cleanitol TM tool. You can also find a prop catalogue image about the props which are in this pack.

Install: copy/extract the BSC parent folder into your plugins. If you extracted the _Documents folder into your plugins, too, it's highly recommended to keep it, but move it out of the Plugins folder.

**Bear in mind while this model pack contains SimGoober's several models which are available on the STEX and/or PLEX as single uploads, this doesn't contain the occasional growable building exemplars and custom queries from those single uploads. For the lots based on this pack the updated (with the X-Tool/PIM-X) growable building examplars can be found with the lot files in the respective BSC SG Commercial Lots Offices HiRise1 (CAM) lot pack and the custom queries in the BSC Essentials (2021 or above). Use this model pack IF you are about to create brand new LOTs based on these models and props or IF you are about to use the above linked SG LOT pack(s).


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