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Creator: SimGoober Upload Date: 2007-09-01
Last Update: 2022-07-11 File Type: Growable
Views: 14239 Category: Commercial - Medium
Last Downloaded: 2023-03-11 Downloads: 14756


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UPDATE: 11.07.2022 for Project ZIP. Installer replaced with ZIP file and other housekeeping, courtesy of Tyberius06.
A collection of 40 growable medium sized shops that have been updated.
There is a text file in the zip with the files to be removed or use BSC Cleanitol to do the job for you.

Install: Copy/extract the Simgoober parent folder into your plugins. If you extracted the _Documents folder into your plugins, too, it's highly recommended to keep it, but move it out of the Plugins folder.


aracari These look great. But the stats are completely silly - a store will have 5-10 times as many employees as similar sized Maxis store. A small car dealership has almost 200 employees. Unless you want to spend your time remodding all the stats to be reasonable, would not recommend these. 2019-12-15
Disasterjunkie BEST BUY! come and get it while it\'s hot, best buy is getting bit by Amazon !<br /> <br /> can you guys make an Amazon building! <br /> how about a Wikipedia building?<br /> MS5? 2014-07-08
Rebs07 Sweet, thank you. 2013-06-04
yumayo884 thank you very much 2012-09-02
Mulu2065 All of your stuff on the LEX and STEX is awesome. Please keep them. If they go I will not be able to build a nice city. I love all of your contributions. 2011-09-11
Aliktren Perfection, really fills a hole Maxis didnt fill, all of the simgoober packs look great and are great fun 2011-01-12
plai thanks 2010-01-01
Koltedkead Nice set - lots aren\'t as detailed as some - still nice. Also, I wish you didn\'t compile the lots into one file, because I want to remove a few specific ones but keep the rest. 8/10. 2009-02-27
George21 lol only we can be tiny walk in side and shop lol 2008-08-17
Elukka Nevermind, i found out the readme had the links. 2008-07-06
Elukka Right, it looks lovely... But how am i supposed to download the dependencies, when this site apparently doesn\'t have a search besides the creator and category searches? 2008-07-06
jesus88ct excellent work 2008-06-16
PointClickFuture I wish you would make this easier for us by just not having dependancies. But I appreciate the quality of this lot. 2007-11-13
patfirefghtr ty ty ty ty 2007-09-02