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Now obsolete - please refer to BSC MEGA Props SNM Vol01
A small pack with WW2 planes made by ripptide. These will be used in two forthcoming packs of lots.


rummtata This is something else. Well done =) 2015-03-25
kandi17 Merci ♥ 2013-09-10
kingston ya dog 2011-03-27
Hafidz Great!!! i like it 2011-01-09
roe99 thank you very much thank you very much for excellent it 2010-09-03
Medial1963 Super Modelle --->Excellent 2010-07-18
ThatCrazyArtyom Thank you so much! 2010-01-23
diegoPPbr AWESOME!!! 2009-04-30
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-23
ZmL Excellent job, but will ones possibly come in the future without the \"display bases\" for actual \"service\" in the cities\' airforce? 2007-09-27
Silur Excellent work ! Thank you ! 2007-09-11
hogs29 Nice models! Thank you 2007-09-11
Serkanner Great models! I am sure they will fly straight into my cities. 2007-09-11
905 Yay!!!!! My favorites! Thanks so much! 2007-09-11