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Creator: BSC Custodian Upload Date: 2007-09-16
Last Update: 2021-12-25 File Type: Props
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Last Downloaded: 2022-08-13 Downloads: 4746


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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
With full permission from torremayor, BSC has made packs of his models. If you use these models please point potential downloaders to the packs here as a dependency. The models remain the property of torremayor and may be used but not uploaded elsewhere without his permission.
This pack does not include any lots. Please remove the models on the enclosed list or use BSC Cleanitol to do the hard work for you.


patfirefghtr Perfect!!! 2007-12-22
cammo2003 For some reason, only the tallest of the three buildings pictured shows up in the lot editor with this file. I can see that the others are actually in the DAT (I checked the file in the Reader) but for some reason the LE doesn\'t pick them up (usually this isn\'t a problem). I\'ve temporarily downloaded the original files which you\'ve posted to rectify that situation (I wanted to use the long, lowish building as an additional college). Just an FYI. It may be that the download didn\'t download properly. I\'ll try again when I boot into Windows later. 2007-09-18