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Project ZIP Update 12/26/2021 - the file is now in a .zip instead of an .exe installer.
Major update 4/22/2012
Most trees, shrubs and planters have been rerendered.

In addition, there are new timed prop versions of the cars.

The Mayor-Mode ploppable items have been moved from the main pack, to a separate file, which now installs into the Plugins\BSC\CP\MMP folder, so that you can remove those items form your Mayor-mode Menu, if you want to.

For Lotters: Family names (of prop families) are now in a separate essentials file. See readme for more details.

Replaces my 2 previous prop packs (from Simtropolis) and adds hundreds of new props. Many of the old props have been rerendered
and improved. See the readme file for a bonus file(for lotmakers) that will make the prop family names show up in the lot editor.

Cleanitol file and readme

Update June2, 2012:
Added missing icon to MMP file. Resolved conflict with Beach Logs. Thanks to ScottFTL and TwistedMentat for pointing out the problems to me (and even coming up with solutions!)


Disasterjunkie THANK YOU 2022-03-11
Tarkus brosies419: Just went ahead and flipped this one over to a .zip, since I already had it uploaded to the server. 2021-12-24
Tyberius06 @brosies419: it's on the way. Sooner than later the so called Project ZIP update will be done and most of the EXE installer based contents will be replaced by ZIP versions. Currently all the dependency files (this one included) are ready for the update, we still try to figure it out the best technical option for the update (just on the dependency side that is almost 400 separate ZIP files what we are talking about here). Later the other contents will follow the dependency files, but altogether we are talking about 2000+ contents. So we ask a little more patience. :) 2021-12-23
brosies419 It would be great to have a zip file option. As a mac user, I cannot install these dependencies with the .exe file. 2021-12-23
KrisGetTheBanana Awesome 2021-09-24
Ulrich32 thank you 2021-09-14
rafael27po cool 2021-05-25
Paulo34 THKS! 2021-04-27
luks8 Thanks a lot! 2020-12-29
Nobo50 Thanks 2020-11-27
yingde I like. 2020-11-27
Disasterjunkie This has been download it on 03/07/2020 2020-03-07
Disasterjunkie I had to download it again bc I was overwhelmed with files the first time. Now i log into the game everytime I download something to test it first and see if I like it. 2020-02-13
Disasterjunkie I'm new at simcity4. I'm downloading this bc It is required for some buildings from the simotropolis website that I liked. Thank you for all of your hard work. Maybe in the future, when I get a better idea of all these mods; I can contribute as well. Once again, tk 4 all your hard work. 2020-01-26
cronop44 Thanks 2017-08-30
coyotesim Thanks 2017-04-05
vivarenedius cool 2017-02-14
KonstantinUh Спасибо! 2017-01-15
abushafiyya this is one of the dependencies i need 2016-11-22
Homie Lamar just marking the dependencies I need. 2016-03-07
Wournos Another Mac user here and need this for Maxis Seasonal - Residential & Commercial Lots 1.2 , yet can't install because of the EXE file. Thanks... 2016-02-27
faris_fp thanks! 2015-09-14
simcity15 mac user: can't extract the items using unachiever or kaka please make it work i really wanna be able to use this props they look amazing 2015-06-23
simajuanjue I like it very much,many thanks. 2015-03-28
qtwxzwl xiexie 2014-09-01
Disasterjunkie Damn Cam has lots of dependencies... 2014-07-07
a_muses Mac user here. Something seems wrong with the .exe file -- I can\'t get Keka or FileJuicer to unpack it. It would be great if you could upload this as just a zipped set of files instead of an installer, as it\'s an essential dependency for almost all terrain mods. (Is it really so hard for Windows users to move files that they need a click-through installer??) 2014-06-29
h0759 good 2014-03-23
h0759 thank you 2014-03-23
Disasterjunkie thank you sir. 2014-03-15
HaHaApple Long time no see~<br /> Good Good Study, Day Day UP 2013-12-27
HaHaApple Thanks for sharing~<br /> (No homework~better life~) 2013-12-27
HaHaApple Thanks for sharing~<br /> (No homework~better life~) 2013-12-27
icebob99 hey im a newbie how do i use the cleanitol file it looks like something in notepad and notepad cant clean things. does it matter if I don\'t clean it as im downloading a ton of stuff and some is probably going to get lost in this maze 2013-10-14
EstRus-TV-Poklonnik Thank you! 2013-08-18
Snagwell much appreciated, thanks 2013-08-10
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jstn_ptch THANK YOU! 2012-12-11
Aragon4tvl I just finally found out how to download stuff from here. :P anyways Awesome pack... :D 2012-11-03
Arwyn very nice. 2012-11-03
Kratos thanx Very much ! 2012-10-19
toomoos where can i get just files? 2012-10-18
nuberoja Gracias! 2012-10-04
TonyNobo thanks! 2012-09-30
cdfbr This is the first time i downloaded and installed this, however i dont find any props anywheres in my menus in sim city, how to i gain access to them? 2012-09-10
cdfbr This is the first time i downloaded and installed this, however i dont find any props anywheres in my menus in sim city, how to i gain access to them? 2012-09-10
RCBEG Many thanks for it 2012-09-07
FerchuJenson thank you 2012-07-31
sejr99999 thank you for this excellent update 2012-07-28
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llz1999 disk 2012-06-08
Kergelen Great update! 2012-05-01
Hellken ^^^ Never mind I just reinstalled it. 2012-04-26
Hellken Where is this file? :: MMP_for_BSC MEGA PropPack - CP Vol1.dat 2012-04-26
renebcio Angangueo... I need this :D you are little god!!! 2012-04-22
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apesfiu thanks 2012-02-08
a_muses Hey, CYCLEDOGG -- I\'m a Mac user and am quite competent getting things to work with FileJuicer (despite the serious lack of support from most developers :D ) -- but your .exe files often don\'t open in FileJuicer. I know you\'ve got a Mac version of your trees Nos 8 and 9 available, so if you could kindly do a Mac version of this one as well? Or somehow find out why it\'s not opening in FileJuicer? I, and the other Mac users, would be much obliged! 2012-01-31
sc2011lex ty! 2012-01-17
jaredtreasurehodge I really needed this dependancy 2011-12-06
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
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damien58 merci 2011-11-03
900mono Thank you!! 2011-10-23
staththeo guess what i am complaining about the boxes. everytime i try to install this it never appears as installed & yes i do follow the instructions 2011-09-26
chastelou Greatly appreciated and will be put to good use 2011-09-23
zyw5713808 2011-09-16
Lepore Awesome job! Thank you very much! 2011-09-13
Maulin Mac version anywhere? 2011-09-09
Lagaffe Thanks :) 2011-09-07
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catpower Mac version anywhere? 2011-09-01
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GoldDust why am i only getting an exe file and not a dat file? :( 2011-05-21
GoldDust PLEASE make available for MAC!!! all i get is a exe file to open :( 2011-05-21
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Pieman6711 awesome! thanks! 2011-04-25
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chinafans 2010-04-06
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CobraBlackTail Great.....! 2010-02-09
wolfmanjack \"\"I agree to read the readme before complaining about brown boxes.\"\" HAHA that had me laughing when i read it in the installer 2010-02-07
senkou SimFoxProps_8Chestnuts.dat 2010-01-08
plai coollll 2009-12-29
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palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
streetwise I\'m glad to be getting this, since I need it to use some of the BATs. 2009-11-30
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mattb325 Thanks C.P. Love your work 2007-10-24
capo Something goes wrong when I run the cleanitol file. It doesnt detect the vol 1 & 2 props. But thanks for the mega pack (I love megapacks) 2007-09-20
Hydra Thank you. 2007-09-19
redguy thanks :). but I think there is an error in the cleanitol file: 2 references to CP_PropPack_Vol1.dat 2007-09-19
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