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Creator: bixel Upload Date: 2007-09-23
Last Update: 2021-12-25 File Type: Props
Views: 7761 Category: Dependency
Last Downloaded: 2022-07-06 Downloads: 7275


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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
A set of models from bixel collected into packs with his permission. These have been used in CAM lots.
To avoid duplication of models, please remove any of the following before installing this pack or use the enclosed RemoveList with BSC Cleanitol to do the work for you.


MutantPlatypus Replaces: ChunFaLukCourt-0x5ad0e817_0xbeb43d9c_0x30000.SC4Model KwanTakDummy-0x5ad0e817_0xf3d33d38_0x30000.SC4Model KwanTakHingResidence-0x5ad0e817_0x33d33861_0x30000.SC4Model MengHoiHouse-0x5ad0e817_0x33da06f9_0x30000.SC4Model Tai-Pan Terrace.SC4Model TangKwong-wing-0x5ad0e817_0x33d9c175_0x30000.SC4Model Zhi-GongChenHouse-0x5ad0e817_0xf3d32685_0x30000.SC4Model Prop_KwaiChung2-0x6534284a-0xd376fa31-0x73cb1b6d.SC4Desc Prop_KwaiChung1-0x6534284a-0xd376fa31-0x93cb0322.SC4Desc KwaiChung2-0x5ad0e817_0xb3c85fb6_0x30000.SC4Model KwaiChung1-0x5ad0e817_0x53c854ca_0x30000.SC4Model 2010-07-31
patfirefghtr sweet ty 2008-01-12
kellydale2003 Glad to find this dependancy! 2007-10-23