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Creator: ks_JPN Upload Date: 2007-11-09
Last Update: 2021-12-25 File Type: Props
Views: 7726 Category: Dependency
Last Downloaded: 2022-06-26 Downloads: 10806


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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
Two new buildings from ks_jpn. There is a RemoveList included to check if you have downloaded the originals from his site. These will feature in some new CAMeLots to appear shortly.


Bobby_Gamer These are all good, but I guess that my favorite among all these buildings is the Asakasa hotel. Real nice job mate! 2016-04-25
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
MrSkyline Great job very nice there I have to learn a little bit more to greate something like this (sorry for my bad english) 2008-01-04
cammo2003 And also thanks to the BSC for the CAMeLots. :D 2007-11-10
cammo2003 I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all appreciate ks_jpn making these available. 2007-11-10
Shadow_prophet Yay more Camelots 2007-11-09
M4346 Indeed! 2007-11-09
nedalezz oh man, these are gorgeous. 2007-11-09