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Creator: simrabbit123 Upload Date: 2007-11-20
Last Update: 2021-12-26 File Type: Props
Views: 7298 Category: Dependency
Last Downloaded: 2022-07-04 Downloads: 7019


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Edit 12/26/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
With full permission from SimRabbit this pack of models contains:
NDEX SR West Side Residence
NDEX Brunel Tower
NDEX North Point Tower
NDEX SR Southern Bank Building
NDEX Eblem Tower
NDEX SR 64th Avenue Building
NDEX SR DelMar Hotel

Two Cleanitol files are included:

Use Cleanitol_NDEX_SR_Vol02.txt
to remove obsolete models and superfluous descriptor files.
You should run this file if you want to keep SimRabbit's own inCAMpatible lots.

Use Remove_Lots_NDEX_SR_Vol02.txt to remove all original models and lots.
You should run this file if you want the model pack only for upcoming CAMeLots.


Paulo34 Thank you! 2021-04-15
Shadow_prophet So let me get this straight. If i want to keep the functional plopables i just use Cleanitol_NDEX_SR_Vol02.txt to delete the obsolete model files only? but If the CAM files come out i can still use them? 2007-11-21