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Can't find a prop pack? The pack in the Readme doesn't exist?
Then you need this reference of packs of models and props. The list is in .pdf format and each pack named is referenced to its current correct location.
If you find any problems with this please post in the New Updated Dependencies List กกก ( Thanks to Diggis) Thread.


Tarkus Nobo50: There's a text version on the main SC4D site (click the "Brown Boxes?" button). In a lot of ways, though, you're perhaps best just using the LEX's Dependency Tracker feature, which automates a lot of this stuff (and is currently supported by over 88% of all LEX files). 2021-02-07
Nobo50 Is there a recent update of this list? Due to the issue of a large number of MEGA-Packs, this present list (2008) is not up to date. Thanks anyway for this. 2021-02-05
Disasterjunkie I'm new at simcity4. I'm downloading this bc It is required for some buildings from the simotropolis website that I liked. Thank you for all of your hard work. Maybe in the future, when I get a better idea of all these mods; I can contribute as well. Once again, tk 4 all your hard work. 2020-01-26
MOREOPTIONS By the way, I see this file back dated to 2008. many plugins have came till 2013. are you planing to update??? 2013-05-05
nut5555 ... 2012-07-21
vishals730 love it 2012-04-19
dondonk very useful, thanks a lot man 2012-02-10
auzzy very handy thank you 2012-01-20
Ilikeanrhw BIG Thanks, Diggis! 2011-07-15
bedro thanks 2011-05-09
plai thanks 2010-02-14
$enefelder cool stuff ^^ 2010-01-14
Ancestria This is a really big help. Some of my plug-ins don\'t even have read-mes and some I just can\'t find the info anymore. Really, for all your hard work, thank you very much. 2009-09-19
gadaankit HOW TO USE THIS FILE 2009-09-01
inca1987 I luuuuv well organized stuff. Bit of a maniac meself. Compulsive neatness disorder I guess... 2009-01-29
thailovesc4 thanks 2008-11-06
dioangel thank you so much, this will come in handy for me! 2007-12-14
oldrogue Great idea and will certainly be put to good or at least moderatly good use by me.... 2007-12-01
jmyers2043 Thank you Diggis. This can be very useful. By the way - I like the picture of the box with its tag. Very Clever. 2007-12-01
Hydra I have some lots missing props this is going to help. 2007-11-29
lgmills This is fantastic. I have a few lots with missing dependencies, and it\'s been driving me nuts. Thank you so much for this list. 2007-11-29
Amapper Tremendous job you have done here. It is usually so frustrating finding the proper dependencies, especially when the list is long. 2007-11-29
FrankvU This is extremely useful. What can we say more? A compass in the jungle of the depencency debate. Thanks a LOT. 2007-11-29
dragonshardz this must be the new, updated version... 2007-11-28
Serkanner Wonderful! Simply wonderful. Thank you for sorting the many many prop files. 2007-11-28
powerpill-pacman This is very useful. Thank you very much for your efforts. 2007-11-28