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As the Integriculture download currently available from http://www.yuhisa.com/cgi/c-board/c-board.cgi?cmd=one;page=17;id= appears to be corrupted, I am posting the model and a prop desc here. If the owner does not agree to this or the original becomes available again this upload will be locked.
Please place the two files with the other model files you have for CAMeLots or in a folder of your choice.


sejr99999 thank you I guess I'll find out what this is a model of when I load up the LE 2017-05-01
patfirefghtr finally had these grow and to find out I was missing this lol, thank you Casper for pointing this out over on ST!!! 2015-08-03
Disasterjunkie oh deer god I forgto to get all the dependencies for the CAM industrial. <br /> here we go,,, 1 out of alot. 2014-07-07
Sigitrahman Its Amazing :) 2012-12-22
wmpang2 Thank you very much ... 2011-03-29
geindoll thanks... 2011-03-28
burnz100 thanks :) 2009-01-24
Mongo Your a Star 2008-01-21
pkremer Thanks! I was not able to get this model because that link above did not work for me! Now I have it! Appreciate it! :) 2007-12-12