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Creator: BSC Custodian Upload Date: 2007-12-12
Last Update: 2021-12-25 File Type: Props
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Last Downloaded: 2022-06-26 Downloads: 5171


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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
This is a MEGA pack of all Haarlemmergold Dutch buildings to date. It has been made and uploaded with his full permission.
There is a Remove List in the zip which you can use use to remove the models or use BSC Cleanitol to do the work for you.


sejr99999 thank you I remember downloading these on the old Maxis site long ago<br /> these are still great buildngs 2016-05-11
Chlev :) job! 2008-08-08
Unassigned I like Holland! 2008-05-12
sebes Thanks Barby for creating this package! 2008-01-06
HandsOn As a European living in both Holland & Belgium, HaarlemmerGold\'s stuff is not only super-authentic but must be rated among the best and most realistic building\'s I\'ve seen gracing SC - and I\'ve been an avid SC player since day one..! Bedankt! 2007-12-19
anandus This is a dream come true! thank you very much, BSC custodian! (& Haarlemmergold) 2007-12-15