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In 1851 the Massachusetts legislature appointed a commission to find a site for a second state hospital.

This was necessary to alleviate the pressure of a rising patient population at Worcester.

The city of Taunton was chosen and the State Hospital at Taunton began housing patients in 1854.

Although not as large or as architecturally ornate as its sibling in Worcester, the Taunton State Hospital, as a Kirkbride building is still impressive.

Designed in a neo-classical style by the architect Elbridge Boyden, its most striking features are the Cupolas and many capitals.

Like most of the Kirkbride hospitals, which were once state-of-the-art mental health care facilities placed in secluded and idyllic grounds, lack of funding and changing societal attitudes have relegated most of these impressive structures to decay and abandon.

In game this is presented as a large hospital with expanded patient and coverage radius.

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kurttavares Grew up a couple towns over from Taunton. One of the most beautiful Kirkbrides ever built. Well done. 2018-10-24
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numanboy Looks great, but 12x12? What city can afford the real estate? 2009-06-03
Kurozt Wow! Thank you 2008-11-16
Lana 10/10 2008-02-11
MDH After they closed it I had to spend two work days there poking around. Your representation of it is awesome. 2008-01-28
kwakelaar A real beauty, thanks a lot, Matt. 2008-01-08
Minpin987 The best hospital yet! Thanks! 2008-01-04
MMorales2 Lovely!!! Keep up the good work. 2007-12-21
patriots1228 Awesome...clearly, as people can now see, best buildings are found in new england :D 2007-12-18
cabrabuitre Absolutely awesome Matt! 2007-12-17
dragonshardz looks great matt 2007-12-17
oldrogue Wow, Love it....Mass has (or at least had) many wonderful examples of Good archetecture...thanks for capturing one of them. 2007-12-17