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Creator: BSC Custodian Upload Date: 2007-12-24
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This is a complete revamp of the good old underpasses by Marrast which has been extended far beyond the original set. Based on the original lots and CJMarshall's paths, Chrisim from the SFBT updated all lots with new and more accurate paths, updated lot stats and consistent menu icons/descriptions.

This set contains a total of 13 different lots, including two all-new underpass models for streets and one-way roads, which have been crafted by hand, using the Reader and a graphics program for creating new textures. Nearly all remaining issues have been fixed as best as possible. Also included is an MML mod for the set, and Euro textures for the road underpass.
There is a Cleanitol file included for you to remove the existing lots and models manually or you can use BSC Cleanitol TM to do the hard work for you.
Please make sure you read the Readme for detailed information on these lots and their use.


haitvonline I Can't install its 2021-11-10
Nobo50 WOW! this will improve my visuals. My SIMS don't have to wait before crossing they simply dive under? Thanks on their behalve too! 2021-01-17
Disasterjunkie very nice, thank you for this great site. 2014-07-07
Eryx Thanks! Does traffic go through? 2013-08-15
Panther559 Sweet! This is definitely a nice revamp! 2013-05-15
orlandomexicano thank u 2013-01-10
pedroferreiralp Great, indeed! I hope it works for me and that they are functional. Thank you, either way for sharing! 2012-05-17
vishals730 great 2012-04-18
FerC Nice job, thanks! 2012-02-09
prince_amy thank you 2012-01-31
134679 2011-11-20
shunjisimcitybsc Beautiful work. 2011-08-20
jlpierrot beautifull . thank you 2011-08-20
gustataviin thanks! 2011-07-27
gustataviin thanks! 2011-07-27
-oscar- thank uuuuuuuu soooooo much 2011-06-23
AlexMedows thanx :) 2011-06-10
bigbossdf Thank you! 2011-05-29
ram098 how to use this?i dont know how to connect the two pieces 2011-04-27
djedu you are an SFBT member? 2011-04-03
thegiant27 Thanks, now I can drive in my underpasses. 2011-01-20
Chris_Webb Does not work for LH drive version! Could do a fix? 2011-01-20
SPKiller awesome mod!!!! 2010-08-11
monkeysown92 no ave road underpass? 2010-06-09
quadros love this 2010-05-30
calicokitty Nice awesome underpass good for going under an airport, freeway(highway) etc... 2010-03-06
FaB96 lots don\'t appear in my misc transport menu....i tried lots of time, but i can\'t find them! how to do??? please answer 2009-12-17
FaB96 lots don\'t appear in my misc transport menu....i tried lots of time, but i can\'t find them! how to do??? please answer 2009-12-17
jchan_777 s this UID compatible?? 2009-10-20
mobius06 is there an underpass for GLR in Avenue ? 2009-10-13
mlebac Thanks a bunch! 2009-10-11
ne0n It\'s great. Adds to the city realism. Thanks! 2009-10-04
chaillet absolutely love these lots, thank you so much for revamping them into functional lots 2009-09-15
Terring7 The new N.A.M. have puzzle pieces for road, one way and avenue underpasses. Visit the \"FLexible UnderPasses (FLUPs)\" for more informations. 2009-07-31
Sebastian Can you please remove the rail dirt? How to do it? @terring7: why new NAM makes the not needed anymore? 2009-07-26
Terring7 With the new version of N.A.M., this lot is not useful anymore 2009-07-22
solovinodelmal Is this transit enabled? It looks GREAT! 2009-07-21
Geometry Nice 2009-07-21
greenneyes28 very useful thanks :D 2009-06-21
mafukw Thanks 2009-04-08
fallen09 I can\'t get this to work 2009-02-17
Joelyboy911 I have left-hand drive game and cars wil not drive under the underpass, and trains going over the underpass jump momentarily to the right hand side of the track. Can this be fixed? 2008-11-09
DonKosta Thanks for making SC better 2008-10-22
pedroferreiralp beautiful. 2008-10-08
NightshadeAnarch This is probably one of the most useful addons for the game. I was wondering though how come there is not plop for a ground highway/rail underpass. Maybe in the next update you could add that to the collection. 2008-09-18
Theirishnintendonerd I love it Grat work :D 2008-09-08
sonofsim how do i get the cleanitol file cant find it also mt defualt elementary school is no longer showing missing textures what did i do email me rhickey44@yahoo.ca ty 2008-08-29
fruchu finally found it :) Great work guys with updating this outstanding mod! 2008-08-26
law_kam_ho Thanks! 2008-08-10
Koltedkead Hmmm...the ave/ave and highway/ave look great, but the cars cannot drive in the under part of it, that is, throught the underpass. haven\'t had time to test the others. It looks great, but any help for my problem? 2008-07-14
goldenchocolate is this transit enabled (cuz the other one wasnt)? 2008-06-27
briantwigley brilliant, they look SO good 2008-06-26
deion30311 Nice! I love how it makes the city seem much more realistic. Next thing is making the layered streets and roads. 2008-05-03
doodle 21 I can only admire the hard work that went into this, especially when creating the new models. Well done. 2008-05-02
Den52 Hello just downloaded today the updated file. I carefully removed those older files I used to have, unfortunately I cannot see any of the underpasses or icons in the game! 2008-04-30
Crashburn I installed the files but I can\'t see Lots in the menu: any ideas? 2008-04-21
9910047 Does this work for left hand drive? 2008-03-19
DarkFighterTSK I Love the underpasses! The previous version was also nice. I haven\'t tried this one yet, but if it works better than the previous one, i can say: superb work! And addition of new underpasses are also very nice. Thank you very much. In my opinion this is a must! 2008-03-10
neospectre fantastic! 2008-02-25
doorknob60 sweet! and I thought the old ones were good 2008-02-12
Chrisim MML: Place the construction lot, leave the menu, wait two game months, go back into the menu and you find the 13 Icons. Or disable the MML: remove the file Plugins\\zz_BSC MML Mod\\z_Marrast_Underpasses_MML.dat 2008-02-02
pedrosmlegal i have the same problem, i can`t see the hidden icons.. just the construction lot.. any help?? 2008-01-04
Minpin987 AWESOME!!! Have been waiting a long time for this... great work everyone!!!!!!!! 2008-01-04
mr.v i cannot found any underpass. there\'s only construction. i placed that construction and nothing happen. help please. 2008-01-01
mr.v i cannot found any underpass. there\'s only construction. i placed that construction and nothing happen. help please. 2008-01-01
the_pretender90 WOW! Works great and looks even better! Absolutely 10/10 2007-12-30
nottheboss nice 2007-12-30
default The MML doesn\'t seem to work for me. When I plop it nothing appears. Any help? Otherwise it looks amazing. 2007-12-29
powerpill-pacman Great stuff, thanks very much. 2007-12-26
ironmaiden thank you! Those road under highway pieces will definately be a time saver. And itll look cleaner. Fantabular job!! 2007-12-26
Glazert This gives added flexibility and realism to city road layouts 2007-12-25
KooriSim123 very useful thanx 2007-12-25
hogs29 Awesome!!! Very much appreciated. 2007-12-24
jipli thanx very much, this is a great adition for the game :D 2007-12-24
Craigsters I\'ve been wanting this for a very very long time, thx a million!.. 2007-12-24
yoshiisland2 Thanks! 2007-12-24
SimNation Thank you..Thank you...Thank you...For the longest time Ive been wanting a non overpass way of having my roads go through highways...truely Thank you. 10/10 2007-12-24