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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007-12-25
Last Update: 2009-02-17 File Type: W2W
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Critical update to correct some capacity errors. Please redownload if you have already downloaded this.

JRJ Euro Buildings Vol01

This set of lots includes several R$$ lots created using my recently released Euro Buildings Prop Pack.

All the lots are growable and will show under the Euro set only. The models are intended to recreate some standard modern medium wealth buildings, common in many cities in europe.

The lots have been created using an stable version of the X-PIM tool by Wouanagain, which makes sure that the lots stats will not umbalance your game.

There are several lots included in this set. I used families in some cases to give more variety to the lots. The included lots are:

1x2 straight lot (up to 6 different models)
2x2 straight lot (up to 6 different models)
2x2 corner versions (up to 4 different models)
4x4 non W2W blocks - Euro Complex - (up to 3 different models)
4x8 non W2W blocks - Euro Complex - (up to 3 different models) - megalots - require controlled zoning!

The small lots are proven to grow in medium and high density areas. The big lots (4x4 and 8x4) will grow mainly in medium density areas, and no so often in high density areas.

Place the included dat file in your plugins folder.

The mentioned BSC Mega Prop Pack jeronij Vol03 is the only file needed to play these lots.

Special thanks to barbyw for the help with the X-Tool and also to Wouanagaine for creating it.

You may visit the support thread: jeronij goes for some euro (spanish) buildings...

Due to RL preassure, I havent had the time to create an installer for these ;-)

File updated 04/2008: Changed / added Dependency links


peperodriguez2710 2015-06-08
Disasterjunkie holy wow bow dow jun sham wow 2014-07-08
samu64ds 2012-07-12
trajedya why is there no night lights? 2012-01-22
Ioseph Thanks 2011-12-22
WilliamKing Only 5 kb ? 2010-11-06
checoloma euro set only, how do i get it or install it 2010-01-09
Gavvie deleted the files and installed again, and now it works :S 2009-09-27
Gavvie I have brown boxes, and the mentioned dependencies 2009-09-26
dabadon5 Looks awesome ! this is a definite download ! 2009-08-11
kendiecasttsoi It did not crash my game but there are brown boxes. I thought I have the dependencies already. 2009-01-26
SimCityGamer nice work 2009-01-24
faka Very nice, I like this kind of buildings. I hope more is coming. Thank you!!! 2008-07-26
Ryshtyan Great work, as usual. I wish I had your talent for this sort of stuff. 2008-04-20
mastarick woot! exactly what i was looking for. thank you very much jeronij! 2008-03-27
jeronij please, post your issues or problems to the support thread, linked in the description. Thanks ;) 2008-02-17
warnie wow splendid ! 2008-02-07
intensivecarebear these are great, but they cause my game to crash like some other people\'s. Is there any way to fix this? 2008-01-26
canis39 nice! 2008-01-25
Harvey-87 i really like these buildings a lot, but since i install them i have problem with my game, it\'s krasching!!! when i run the game after a time every thing krasch and when i remove the file every thing seems to be normal.. the question is what is the problem, because i realy like these building! 2008-01-21
Mas71 Congraturation complete this big pack Jeronij san!! We don\'t see like these building in JPN well,but I love them. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pack !! 2008-01-19
kwakelaar Amazing release yet again, thanks for sharing with the rest of us. 2008-01-08
KooriSim123 amazing stuff jeronij thanx 2007-12-29
ZmL Fantastic job on these! I will certainly use them. 2007-12-29
Aleking badly needed and wonderfully done thanks 2007-12-27
kimcar Very nice gift that you give to us. Very nice set Thanks 2007-12-26
mrbisonm Nice, very nice indeed, and thanks for making it without a heavy load of dependencies, saving me tons of work to redo the lots. Greatly appreciated. 2007-12-26
alex_1979 wow this is gonna look so awsome in my cities. TY so much 2007-12-26
jeronij 2007-12-26
simcity4mayor And I wish you* 2007-12-25
simcity4mayor As always, I love this stuff. Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year to you and yours. :D 2007-12-25
bixel Amazing!!! 2007-12-25
c.p. Thanks Jeroni, they look great. I\'m sure I\'ll be using some of these in my non-euro cities as well 2007-12-25
tag_one Great work Jeronij! 2007-12-25
blackbeard Awesome but I do hope you do a Non-Euro set. 2007-12-25
ntjzcn very nice! 2007-12-25
existenz I\'ve been waiting for these. Thanks Jeronji and a Merry Christmas to you and your family. 2007-12-25
yoshiisland2 Great job, they look excellent! Thanks for the stocking stuffer! 2007-12-25