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Creator: Mas71 Upload Date: 2008-01-30
Last Update: 2008-08-08 File Type: Props
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Superseded by MAS71 MEGA Props Vol 01


Paulo34 Thks! 2021-05-16
elwray Beautiful. Thank you 2015-06-23
Disasterjunkie oh boy. 2014-07-08
Alistar Thank you a lot! 2013-10-26
Snagwell Thank You! 2013-08-22
thiagobc It\'s fantastic. Thanks for sharing! 2013-02-17
SUSORA 2012-11-02
jusmeanchw Thank you! 2012-10-26
biubol It looks beatiful! thanks 2012-03-07
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-15
wangbiliao thank 2011-03-15
roe99 thank you very much thank you very much 2010-09-03
elvisharcher okay...guess I just found where the proplem was...as already stated in the readme doc, all the lots are \"seasonal\", which means I cannot see them until the next season comes...and that\'s just...a little...ok I\'ll save it 2009-11-21
elvisharcher not sure why, but some of the lots in the testing lot cannot be seen. e.g. the hills. I\'ve downloaded all three prop vols already. anyone knows why? 2009-11-21
tomrolfe thank you MAS\'71san 2009-07-11
germanklinsmann What a great JOB!!! 2009-03-17
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-04
north country dude Very cool. Glad to see your work. 2008-03-09
patfirefghtr Mas-san thank you again for your wonderful props, you do such wonderful stuff.... 2008-03-01
Mas71 Thank you Kimcar and Tabi for your comments:) I\'m glad to that if you use my props! 2008-02-02
tabi MAS\'71san good job and thank you! 2008-01-31
kimcar Excellent props thanks a lot 2008-01-30