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UPDATED After checking the occupancy values with the new X-Tool that is under development I am happy to report that Turning Torso is CAMpatible so it can be used together with the CAM without any problems. I have also updated the readme file to show the correct links to the dependencies and removed the file called "SAS_TurningTorso_textures.dat" since it's now a part of the "BSC Textures Vol 02" MEGA pack.

Turning Torso is a mixed residential/commercial skyscraper designed by Santiago Calatrava and located in Malmo, Sweden. It's 190 m tall with 54 floors and Malmo's new spectacular landmark. Residents will enjoy a very high standard of living with service out of the ordinary and great views over the sea and the city. The construction is almost finished and the residents will be moving in during the autumn 2005.

Due to the game limitations I have made it a residential building only. It comes in two flavours, a growable R$$$ and a normal landmark. Both lot sizes are 6x5. The lot size has been chosen deliberately to give you control of where you want it to grow and how many you want to have. After all it's a bit unique in style. This also means that you have to zone for it and remember to hold the CTRL button down while zoning to get the correct lot size.


Lot size: 6x5

Building styles: New York,Chicago,Houston,Euro

Growth stage: 8

Occupants: 4020 R$$$, 9197 R$$


Lot size: 6x5

Menu position: Landmarks

Custom Features: Menu Icon, Custom Query

Plop cost: $ 150000

Monthly cost: $ 150

Landmark effect: 40 over 20 tiles

Mayor rating effect: 10 over 50 tiles


BSC Textures MEGA Pack

BSC BAT Props MEGA Pack SG Vol 01

BSC Mega Props - MJB Vol 01



SAS_TurningTorso_textures.dat Included in the package.

Info, links to the dependency files and detailed statistics are included in the readme file.

Feedback and problems can be posted in my thread in the BSC Creation forum here on SC4D.

I would like to thank the whole BSC team for support, feedback and testing. A special thanks goes to SimGoober for the people and the furniture models that added life to the building.



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q-tips There is links to dependencies that is removed. Its just all a big mess. Every second download on this page have broken links to dependencies. 2007-07-02
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