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Creator: Mas71 Upload Date: 2008-02-08
Last Update: 2009-09-23 File Type: Plop
Views: 19143 Category: Parks - Eye Candy
Last Downloaded: 2023-06-06 Downloads: 26272


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- Walls Pack 2 -

Update : 24/09/2009 - Corrected UserVisualNameKey of all LOTs.(for SSPTool)
Please get a latest zip and remove old files(use cleantiol.txt), or You can get only corrected files on HEER.

Update : 10/02/2008 - Corrected No4 Wall texture.
Please get a latest zip and overwrite each files, or You can get only latest texture-dat attached on my post in my thread.
---> My support thread - Walls Pack 2 -

This is the Wall Lot Pack 2.
I created 5 of wall's patterns and 5 of fences(Gurd
Rail) type newly in this pack.
and more 5 of wall's patterns in my existing walls pack included

This zip is NOT INSTALLER.

You need to remove
disused some files in each folder of PROP and TEXTURE.
Read a README and you should choose each file which you want
to use in your city.

- Dependencies -
If you want to use RAMP Lot, you need following file.
JPN_Walls_Props_All-Design_mas71.dat or
in my JPN
Walls Pack
(from STEX)

When you have any problem in my walls, please check or post in
my support thread.
works mini pumphlet
in SC4Devotion

Enjoy my walls !!

Thank you.


Tyberius06 @ScrappyCoco: could you post this issue on the SC4Devotion Forums with screenshots. It's easier to handle these support issues there than here. MAS71 is no longer active within the SC4 community so you likely won't get any help directly from him, but there are a few of us who might be able to help you. Also you can join to the SC4Devotion Discord server and you might get help there sooner. 2023-04-16
ScrappyCoco First of all, thank you very much for your detailed work! These walls look great in my city. BUT I have a problem after loading a city with existing walls: next to the diagonal walls are dark textures where you can see through the ground. Is there any tip to avoid this problem? 2023-04-16
TommyC86 Do i need the thumbs files, they are data base files in the plugins 2016-03-25
YINYI 911 2014-10-01
Disasterjunkie more walls.... goodie. 2014-07-08
a_muses すてきですよ!有難うございました。 2012-04-06
speedyj This is so bloody good... One of the real aesthetic gems in my cities. I can\'t believe how well the lots place as well! Thank you so much. 2012-03-02
dhaniduduls i like it much.. thanks bro..! 2012-01-28
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-17
19:09:05:13 Please post the dependencies here on LEX, it\'s impossible to download a 6MB file from the stex server! 2010-09-07
Ssean Thank You!!! 2010-03-07
Sizzurp Awesome Walls, thanx!! 2009-07-18
mafukw Thanks 2009-04-08
patfirefghtr Stunning stuff here Mas-san!!! 2008-12-03
thailovesc4 GoodWORK 2008-09-20
lescoseoul beautiful. the first one was wonderful, this one same, many thanks 2008-08-30
kruns11 very nice 2008-05-10
jesus88ct the best 2008-03-23
City Builder Outstanding walls, could only be made better by making them so that we can utilize all of the different designs of walls in one city instead of only one design. 2008-03-19
Mas71 Thank you for your comments friends!! and I\'m sorry to problems with \"Wall\'s texture-No.4\". Please download again and overwrite to all of your files. Thank you. 2008-02-09
caspervg Absolutly fantastic! 10/10 2008-02-09
Tarkus This is fantastic. I loved the first set, and I\'m looking forward to trying out this one. 2008-02-08
TheTeaCat MAS71 San thank you for updating your wonderful creations. These are even better than the were before. :) 2008-02-08
Shark7 Excellent work MAS71 san. The new prop and texture options are a welcomed addition to your first set. 2008-02-08
sithlrd98 Looks great Mas san! Thank you for these! 2008-02-08
metasmurf I like the stone walls. Great job! 2008-02-08
SimNation Great job my friend. your walls have great detail in them. 10/10 Hope to see more work from you. 2008-02-08
Ennedi It\'s a fantastic set, I will use it immediately - thank you MAS san! 2008-02-08
capo Looking absolutely great Mas! Thanks! 2008-02-08