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Creator: Ennedi Upload Date: 2008-02-15
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
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My slope mod changes all transit networks placement parameters such as maximum slope along network, it's smoothness, the ability of placing bridges and tunnels in various terrain conditions, and also other networks parameters.

There are three mod versions in the zip, please use only one of them at a time!
All versions enable making realistic, low-grade, smooth transit networks. You can find them a bit more difficult to use than previous slope mods, but I hope the final effect is worth of it. On the other hand, placing bridges and tunnels is significantly easier with this mod.

Please read the readme, it includes a more detailed description and also some examples of using this mod.

In the case of any questions/issues please send your problem description to the "civil engineering support thread: slope mods, other tools and issues"


Danicbike The link is down :c 2021-08-08
Anthracite Jake1702: Hi Jake, try the mount setting as it's the most "extreme" one, enabling you to build steeper. Anyway, learning a bit of road-block placing seems to be the most aesthetic and sometimes frustrating alternative. 2018-04-19
Jake1702 This makes building a lot nicer looking and smoother, but it makes it almost impossible to build in cases that look even almost perfectly flat. I'd say unless you have hours to spend on a couple blocks of road, it might be best to stick with vanilla slopes, sorry. 2018-02-03
Tarkus cotito: Slope mods do often place restrictions on where bridges can be built, mostly to eliminate the "stairstep" effect that the game's default slope settings allow. That's not really a bug, as the slope mod will still allow you to build Avenue or Highway bridges, provided you are doing so in terrain that the mod finds acceptable. 2017-07-30
cotito It created a bug: I couldn't build an avenue/freeway bridge !!! 2017-07-30
Salva1914 Nice work. Tanks !!! 2017-02-03
zhengchenhui thanks~ 2016-11-24
Baltimore Looks like a very cool mod , thanks for sharing . 2016-11-02
gunkz32 Hmm, oke thnak you dude 2015-11-06
NRSchott2392 When i download the mod, the files all come up at norton zipped files and i can't execute an installation of any of them. When i try to extract the files, a norton symantec window appears requesting i log in. I don't have a log in for this and when i try to make one, the page will not load correctly. How do i extract the files and utilize the mod? 2015-05-28
rummtata To be honest, I have hardly tried any other slope mods, but this one really works wonders on how your transit network looks - everything is going to be smooth and (semi-)realistic. It's not always easy to use, but it pays off. I can't imagine playing without it. Thanks! 2015-03-26
Monti300 Awesome work. Thank you. 2014-05-03
Disasterjunkie Nice job, I was wondering how to fix that, thank you for your hard work. 2014-03-15
Wouter10123 Most slopes work very well! I have a few complaints tough:<br /> - having the road not smooth out in time is quite annoying<br /> - I can\'t seem to be able to build a highway/avenue bridge anymore.<br /> <br /> Is there a way to fix these things? 2013-11-18
bombcar Smooth slopes are great! 2013-04-09
lotherius This mod results in \"unsuitable\" error any time you try to build a highway bridge. 2013-01-14
Panther559 Got tired of my bridge road connections looking like almost 90 degree mountain peak entrances and exits. Definitely a must have! Thanks a bundle!! 2012-08-06
dsdude123 Finnaly! No more steep inclined roads! 2012-07-29
Magneto The best slope mod out yet Thanks for sharing 5/5 Cheers 2012-07-06
fallen09 Your mod sucks!!!...you cannot modify previous constructions...you need to go back and figure it out! 2012-03-07
dengyaxiang 2011-11-19
tarmji thanks 2011-11-01
fangio057 merci 2011-10-22
kintopoolo grasias desde mexico :D y para los que no encuentran los liksss pues nesesitan registrarse en la seccion file exchange de sc4devotion.com 2011-10-14
ortega 2011-04-19
archean Does this mod conflict with the Bridge Height Mod? 2010-12-29
Highrise99 This is a very nice slope mod! I use medium and especially like the curving effect; if you come down a hill the network curves downward, then below the target level curves up before finaly leveling off. In rare cases, the network even curves up before sloping down. 2010-08-15
City Builder I wish that slope mod authors would list the actual values of the mod so that we know what it\'s capable of in regards to creating our transit systems 2010-03-17
MayorToaster Thanks very much Ennedi. 2010-03-07
sameul Great job Ennidi this is great for the NHP Hole Digging Lots 2009-10-22
Gringamuyloca Thank you for sharing your effort and talent... I love this mod! It takes some patience, but once the basics are understood, it is amazing what one can do with this awesome tool! (mod) ;) 2009-09-16
io_bg The best slope mod ever! 2009-03-09
dogma555 ? Am I the only one that this mod seriously disturbed the way I modify existing roadways on even the slightest slopes? Works great for new areas, but I can\'t edit any old areas that were on slopes without not being able to re-connect the roadways and having to re-load the game without saving. 2009-02-28
stormlover There\'s no such thing as a perfect slope mod, but after experimenting with several over the last six weeks, I\'m selecting this one as my mod of choice. Thank you Ennedi. 2008-11-19
Ennedi deion30311: Hmm... I use SFBT Diagonal Fillers together with my slope mod all the time. Never haven\'t I had any problems. If you noticed something wrong, please contact with me via PM or describe your problem in the civil engineering thread linked in the lot description. Maybe there is another issue here? 2008-08-20
deion30311 ATTENTION: If using the SFBT Diagonal Fillers this will disturb the way they work. Use with caution. My advice is to build all your slopes and then exit the game. Remove the slope mod, start the game, plop the fillers, and then when ever taking pictures leave the slope mod out. Not trying to discourage downloads or anything. Just a little attention. 2008-08-15
patfirefghtr Thank you Adam so very much for this useful slop mod!!! Ive been told to get it and im very happy I have done so now!!!!!! MIX this with SA hole Diggers and we get a wonderful NHP tools!!! 2008-03-18
City Builder Thanks for the new toy. I think I will finally be able to build my plauteau\'ed mountain villages with this. At least I hope I will. 2008-03-10
vieaux Thank you for your great work! 2008-03-03
Heblem Excellent work\" a really useful tool for realism! 2008-02-20
Ennedi Thank you all for nice words! @Envirotechture: There are some information about Hole Diggers both in the readme and in the support thread (follow the link in the lot description). If it isn\'t enough, please describe your problem (pictures would be good!) in the support thread. The Hole Digger for Road makes the same hole as earlier - please show it, we will think 2008-02-19
Envirotechture I used this, and i like what it offers, but because of it, i can no longer use any hole digger lots that dig a hole lower than the road digger depth, also the road digger only digs a hole half the depth of what it should be, do you know what i need to do diffrent? 2008-02-17
Mas71 Thank you for your development and sharing it Ennedi !! It will makes my city more realistic ;-) 2008-02-17
GMT great! 2008-02-16
bat Yes, great work there, Ennedi!! 2008-02-16
couchpotato Looking forward to trying this out. Thanks for the work in creating this mod. :) 2008-02-15
somebodysc4d so from what i understand from the readme, i can use this mod without my former networks being completely ruined? Great mod. Now i won\'t have to make 100m inclines to make a tunnel. 2008-02-15
TheTeaCat Well worth a cuppa or two Adam.10/10 I appreciate all the hard work that went into the making of this excellent addition to the game. 2008-02-15
trebuchet77 Ooh, so it\'s official now. I\'ve already been using it for a while from your cj upload! It\'s awesome, but can be pretty difficult to get used to. Excellent quality and work! 2008-02-15
Silur Great work - It is excellent for me !!! 2008-02-15