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Creator: Mas71 Upload Date: 2008-02-17
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- Walls Texture's
Addon Pack 01 -

## This pack
is not included any LOT files ##

This is a additional files of wall's texture. Please get main
walls files beforehand.
-- DownLoad page is here :
Walls Pack 2
(in SC4D-LEX)

I created three of wall's TEXTURE newly.
and two of greatest BATer gave me a big cooperation for this
addon pack !!
1. Residential
And Rural Diagonal Walls Set V1
by Jeronij
2. Walls & Station
by NOB
You can choose only one of TEXTURE and UNDER BRIDGE's
PROP by them.

This zip is NOT INSTALLER.

Open a zip and move(or copy) to each existing folder of WallsPack2
in your Plugins manualy.

- Essentials

Original works(Main files) :
Pack 2
(in SC4D-LEX)

When you have any problem in my walls, please check or post in
my support thread.
works mini pumphlet
in SC4Devotion

Thank you.


Faris Thank\'s but. How can to use this wall. where the place. In Park and Recreatio or other ?? 2013-10-27
Sizzurp Awesome!!!! thnx!!!! 2009-07-18
Lilojame Thank you very much! 2008-12-11
caspervg Even more walls, that\'s afysiological... Wonderful works! 2008-02-18
Mas71 Sorry,,,I had miss login again. A message above I wrote. Sorry Relics8801.X-( 2008-02-18
relics8801 Thanks always for comments Sithlrd98 ;), and Big thanks for Jeronij and NOB for your permissions and cooperations for this pack !! 2008-02-18
sithlrd98 This is a great idea!They look great with the different props! :) 2008-02-17