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Creator: c.p. Upload Date: 2008-02-19
Last Update: 2008-02-23 File Type: Terrain
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This tree controller adds 34 types of forest to your mayor-mode tree menu, and changes your god-mode flora brush to plop a large variety of custom trees on the terrain. This god-mode flora brush was desgned for use with the Italia Terrain Mod, but can be used with or without any terrain mod.
Please ensure you read the Readme for all instructions.

Updated Links for dependencies


CPT_No9_TreeModelsPartTwo - same link as previous

BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01

BSC Props Jeronij Vol 02 Trees

BSC Props Jeronij Vol 03 Trees

BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01

BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01

JohnB-Cactus - This file (The Desert Flora Mod) is only needed if you use a desert tree controller (such as the Painted Desert tree controller) or plant a Mixed Saguro Desert forest in mayor mode.

BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol01

BSC MEGA Props swi21 Vol01

BSC MEGA Props swi21 Vol02

BSC MEGA Props RT Vol01

2/23/08 - Updated readme and added bonus tree controller (see readme for more details)


twalsh102 Palazzo, if you went off the list on this page, then it's missing some dependencies. Go off the list in the Dependency Tracker. There are two additional dependencies there 2018-09-21
palazzo I installed all the dependencies, but I am still missing some trees at higher altitudes. I know they're missing because PEG's Mountain Trail Park mod makes them show up as buildings. When I remove the MTP, the trees disappear. 2018-09-20
cronop44 Thanks 2017-09-01
155guy this mod does not work. the links of the dependencies do not work and i found the desert flora mod installed it and i still have brown boxes.<br /> 2017-06-22
beauford93 I like it alot! However it doesn\'t fit with the other trees I have in my game, is there a way to uninstall it?<br /> Great Mod though! 10/10 2013-12-03
SammeM Best tree controller! Fantastico! 2013-02-12
samu64ds DAVVERO REALISTICO1!! 2012-06-24
sejr99999 thank you well worth the massive prop packs added to my plugins folder 2011-03-17
cri_one viva l\'Italiaaa :D 2010-02-20
ldvger I went back tonite and redownloaded all the dependencies and found that I had missed at least one. Now my Italia Gode Mode tree planter works perfectly (no boxes) and beautifully. I will also be making extensive use of the mayor mode trees, nice to have such a wide selection to choose from. Thank you so much for yours and other\'s work on this pack, it is awesome and will add much to mt game playing enjoyment. Two thumbs up! 2009-07-23
ldvger ok, I added all the dependencies and the nested dependencies and when I tried to use the god mode brush I got trees and boxes. I was really careful to unpack each dependiency zip file and install it before I installed the Tree Controller. So what\'s up with that? 2009-07-13
Ryusuke516 looks very nice, at least all the dependencies are available for this one. 5/5 2009-05-16
andrewdamata Thanks 2009-02-24
since1446 oh my...! my city in box!! 2009-01-25
skipping_girl i have also downloaded all the listed dependencies and have brown boxes =( 2008-10-27
chibytuga wow. i think i officially have enough trees now! 2008-04-11
bighead99999 great tree controller c.p. but... ive followed all the links to dependancies and still endup with brown boxes! any idea? 2008-02-25
c.p. The links in the readme are now up to date. And thanks Barby for putting links up here. 2008-02-23
SimHoTToDDy Thanks, you just made this good thing great. Now we don\'t have to rip out our hair looking for this stuff! Thanks!!! 2008-02-23
The Big Z Where could I find the dependencies? I\'m missing one, and I can\'t find it. 2008-02-22
barbyw We apologise for the links in the Readme being out of date but this was posted quickly after it had been found to be deleted at another site where it had been exclusive. The dependency links will be revised and a list posted in the above description. 2008-02-22
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2008-02-20
stocktons_pimp dayum! :: 2008-02-20
SimHoTToDDy Looks great, but the dependency links are for STEX, most of which no longer exist there. It would help if you could get the LEX links to those. Thanks and awsome work! 2008-02-19
snickm3081 Very cool. 2008-02-19