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Creator: Shadow Assassin Upload Date: 2008-03-08
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 11765 Category: Mods - General
Last Downloaded: 2023-05-30 Downloads: 30207


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NHP SA Hole Digger & Raiser Lots

For support, go here:


A tutorial on how to use the lots will be posted in this thread.

Installation Instructions
There is no installer for this file.
To install, extract the contents of this folder into your plugins folder:

...\SimCity 4\Plugins\NHP\SA Hole Digger & Raiser Lots

Once installed, you can now fire up SC4.

Details about the lots
They use easy-to-read menu icons so you can pick whatever hole digger/raiser lot you want at a glance. They are found in the Misc Transport menu, at or near the top of the menu.

No MML is included. There are 12 lot icons, each with a different variety of heights.
Included are:
- 8m hole digger & raiser
- 10m hole digger & raiser
- 12m hole digger & raiser
- 14m hole digger & raiser
- 15m hole digger & raiser
- 24m hole digger & raiser

Each lot was made according to the specifications that Ennedi has come up with for the networks. For instance, you can use the 14m hole digger to create a tunnel entrance for the road and one-way road network.

Each lot costs very little to plop and are completely neutral. However, it is recommended that once you have dug your hole/raised your ground, delete the lot. It is not designed to interact with the game as if it were a functional lot; it is only intended to assist in terraforming.

Anything else?
It is recommended you pick up a copy of Ennedi's slope mod, as the hole digger and raiser set is made for the mod.

Download link (copy into your browser's address bar)

However, this hole digger set will work with any other slope mod, even the default Maxis slope mod (who in their right mind would use that, though?).

Shadow Assassin - the creator of this package of lots
Ennedi - for testing the lots, and of course giving me the idea in the first place
beskhu3epnm - testing the lots and packaging the lots for release on the LEX.

And of course, the rest of the NHP team who tested out these lots.

Created 2008 by Shadow Assassin. Any questions, please contact me via PM at sc4devotion.com. This package is a LEX exclusive.


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TIR669 Thx ;) 2008-12-20
Uzil good 2008-12-17
FrankvU Great! Is it possible to edit the height by myself, or is it easier to ask you to make a 7 meter digger and raiser? I think I will need 7, because 7+8=15 meters! Thanks 2008-11-20
Diegursi very good 2008-07-11
patfirefghtr SA you are a true master here!!! Thank you!!!! 2008-03-18
patfirefghtr SA you are a true master here!!! Thank you!!!! 2008-03-18
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rodrigogua awesome! had been waiting for the release! 2008-03-09
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