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Creator: Yoman3 Upload Date: 2008-03-18
Last Update: 2021-12-25 File Type: Props
Views: 7797 Category: Dependency - Props
Last Downloaded: 2023-03-10 Downloads: 5333


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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
A pack containing intermodal cranes for use in container terminals of all sorts. These props are based off of real life container cranes (or �Portainers�) located in the APM Container Terminal in Europort, Rotterdam. Included is one large Super Post Panamax �Portainer� crane in both an active (arm down) and inactive (arm up) version.
These cranes are LODed to allow them to be placed overhanging all known container ships available in SimCity 4 and probably for all ships in the foreseeable future. Also included is one �Straddle Carrier� prop which is used to carry containers around the terminal available in loaded, unloaded, 45 degree, and 22.5 (left and right) versions.

These props will be essential for future lots proposed for the LEX and will allow anyone to create a container terminal of their own custom design in the Lot Editor. It is strongly suggested that you also download Jestarr�s excellent standard TEU units (containers), as they have been modeled with the scale of those containers in mind.

I would like to thank Glenni, Emilin, Ennedi, Rooker1, the SMP team, and RippleJet for their wonderful help in completing this pack. Especially Glenni, who helped with the completion of the models (adding details) and textures, and RippleJet, who merged the files into a single DAT and provided the installer.
This Pack is dedicated to Onlyplace4


roe99 Thank you very much for this great work 2010-09-03
alvinspring That\'s pretty cool! 2009-02-13
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-22
patfirefghtr very great work!!! 2008-11-19
boboux Very Nice. 2008-04-03
pokestik Thank...You! 2008-03-31
Ennedi Fantastic stuff, you motivate me to learn LE at last! 2008-03-29
mrpardon cool stuff! 2008-03-23
olli thanks :) 2008-03-22
Vario Excellent work. Bremerhaven is also a quite important container shipping port and these conainer cranes look quite similiar to those here. Many Thanks. 2008-03-20
Aleking i know something good will follow, can\'t wait! 2008-03-19
mjig_dudy Ooooh Excellent! I can\'t wait to see some lots for these. 2008-03-19
oyd thank u all for a wonderful job.... (now i can stop drooling...) 2008-03-19
dragonshardz YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!! 2008-03-19
TheTeaCat Wonderful creations. Thank you very much indeed. 2008-03-19
soulstealer Great work Yoman! 2008-03-19
dark_jedi06 These came at a perfect time Yoman, I\'ve just started making my port. :) Awesome job my friend. ^_~ 2008-03-18
Glenni It was a pleasure working with you on this, yoman! =D 2008-03-18
couchpotato This is wonderful addition to our wharf buildings. 2008-03-18
sithlrd98 I have been watching this with anticipation!!!! :) 2008-03-18