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Creator: Swamper77 Upload Date: 2008-04-03
Last Update: 2009-03-14 File Type: Gameplay
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Jestarr's Train Set
Created by Swamper77
Original Models by Jestarr

Updated 3/14/2009: Flatcar updated to have random cargo displayed on it.

This mod adds two extra train engines and a collection of new train cars to your cities. They will appear at random among your freight trains and will not replace any existing train cars or engines.

The complete list of cars is in my Garage thread.

The new train engines and cars have been throughly tested by myself, in new and existing cities. No conflicts have been found with existing train sets.

The engines have been separated into their own files. The cars will not be separated, unless there is a real need to do so.

INSTALLATION: Copy the dat files to your Plugins folder.

UNINSTALLATION: Simply delete the dat files from your Plugins folder.

This file is a SC4D BSC LEX Exclusive file. If it is found elsewhere, it has been uploaded without my consent and is therefore considered pirated.


RobertLM78 Excellent - especially helpful to have separate parts. The cars look great with Vesters GEvo's with DRGW livery. 2017-01-28
222russline these are great! thank you for all your time spent on this project. 2013-02-23
TonyNobo wonderful, thanks. 2012-04-23
Orion1557 It very nice, I would like to see Railroad Equipment & Vehicles and increase freight train 2010-09-16
Orion1557 It very nice, I would like to see Railroad Equipment & Vehicles and increase freight train 2010-09-16
Orion1557 It very nice, I would like to see Railroad Equipment & Vehicles and increase freight train 2010-09-16
CityDog17 This is neat. Great timing too. Newest region/cities just reaching the stage where rail traffic is increasing to meet population demands. 2010-01-22
trainguy4449 Well now I feel stupid. I put out a thread on ST to see if anyone knows where to find this set and five minutes later I stumble across it myself. 2009-07-11
daolian89 why the train cars did not show up? 2009-07-04
mr.gaga Awesome,thanks for this nice job! 2009-05-03
Lilojame Thank you a lot! 2008-11-07
dioangel Oh awsome! RL train sets woooho!!! 2008-05-23
0rang3Sharpi3 these are awesome looking! good job 2008-04-16
Une_ame One more time, TY for the time you take to give us more flexibility with your wonderfull mod 2008-04-10
fleetwood thank you :) 2008-04-09
patfirefghtr Thank you Jan for the Update and notice on it.... 2008-04-09
Swamper77 @Addax: As for the uniformity of the coloring on the DD40X engine, I made the automata based on the files that Jestarr sent me. His did not have any weathering, so neither do mine. 2008-04-08
Swamper77 The engines are now separated from the cars. You can now choose which engines to install. The cars won\'t be separated unless there is a real need to do so. 2008-04-08
addax61024 The orange looks too uniform on the loco and it\'s a pity the engine and cars can\'t be separated. Nice work, but not as good as Trolca\'s. 2008-04-04
stocktons_pimp hmmmmmmm :) :: 2008-04-04
Silur Great work ! Thank You !!! 2008-04-03
Jim Wow... so beautiful! 2008-04-03
mike Thanks, I love adding variety to my automata. Great work. 2008-04-03
BugMeNot Great use of real brands! My freight yards will come to life now! 2008-04-03
jestarr Been waiting for this with bated breath....Thanks Swamper! 2008-04-03
couchpotato Cool :) Time to build lots of tracks in my cities. 2008-04-03
patfirefghtr Sweetness thank you Jan for your hard work and making this wonderful set... 2008-04-03
The Big Z Awesome! These are great! 2008-04-03
SimNation Great work. This will make the freight lines seem more lively with 2 new sets so see running around. 10/10 2008-04-03
Une_ame Super nice, I think that\'s the first time that such a Trsin Set is available. it\'s gonna give some colors and interest to the freight train. TYVM Swamper!! 2008-04-03
yoshiisland2 Wow, so now I can add variety to my trains...thank you VERY much!! :D 2008-04-03
Godzillasam YES! OMFG!:P Thank you! This modd is well overdue...:P 2008-04-03
TheTeaCat marvelous addition to the game thanks for sharing 2008-04-03
oyd I love it.... thanks for sharing... 2008-04-03
marcszar Excellent! Anything to make our freight trains more diverse! 2008-04-03