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Creator: Colyn Upload Date: 2008-04-09
Last Update: 2022-06-19 File Type: Props
Views: 7958 Category: Dependency - Props
Last Downloaded: 2022-07-06 Downloads: 8102


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UPDATE 19 June 2022 for Project ZIP.  Installer replaced with ZIP file and other housekeeping, courtesy of Tyberius06.
A pack of mixed old and new props collected together. There is a Remove list in the zip which you should use to remove the files listed or use BSC Cleanitol TM to do the work for you.


roe99 Thank you very much for this great work 2010-09-03
sejr99999 thank you will put to good use 2010-05-31
yysdu thanks 2010-05-29
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-22
bigslark Does this mean you\'re releasing new lots soon, Colyn? :D 2008-04-11