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Creator: NAM Team Upload Date: 2008-04-28
Last Update: 2009-01-14 File Type: Plop
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The first Beta 1 release of the High Speed Rail Project (HSRP) also included a HSRP Transit Hub that has connectors for High Speed Rail, Elevated Rail, Commuter Rail, and also works as a bus station. For the new HSRP release by the NAM Team, the station has been modified slightly in order to provide a better in-game appearance and stats. The HSRP Transit Hub can be found at the bottom of the Rail menu and has a passenger capacity of 40,000. The 8x6 lot is intended to serve as a transit hub in a downtown setting, hence the various rail connections and the bus station functionality.



Bistro187 Thanx 4 all The Hard Work!! 2013-05-01
danield_ Not working properly care caused this bug. 2013-01-30
rajpoot Excellent 2012-11-05
YNM Any chance of making something smaller ? 2012-10-20
Magneto It\'s good but the second HSR connector is a tad overdone 2012-06-06
prince_amy thank you 2012-01-31
chastelou 2011-09-23
dengyaxiang 2011-08-01
dengyaxiang 2011-08-01
Ilikeanrhw My Sims always use this. 2011-07-27
computergabe There is a NAM bug that crashes out the game whenever certain mod pieces touches a piece from the same mod. Just be careful when placing the NAM/HSR pieces. 2011-07-10
bobrod24 Same here thornyjohny. 2011-05-03
thornyjohny My game crashes about 30 seconds after I build this hub. Does anybody have a solution? 2011-02-23
brandbrand32 thanks 2010-09-25
Gooice17 So good 2010-07-01
chastelou so good! 2010-06-22
hzf728 cool``!!! 2009-10-01
goodspeed Excellent 10/10 2009-08-26
zilfondel I spent like 2 hours trying to find this LOT. Can you get a link to it from the HSR download readme itself?? It would have saved me so much time. Or you could also upload it to the STEX. 2009-03-17
richjdnz It doesn\'t work! 2008-12-12
pwch ALL HSRP stations have someting wrong,all do not work!so please use original station 2008-10-02
cal Thank you. :) 2008-08-13
Kaloogero Grossos! 2008-07-01
korsferd 2008-06-27
mr.v i can\'t make it work. there is no passenger no commute. 2008-05-22
sebes I love this multi-hub station - used it a lot! Thanks for updating 2008-05-11
Stewey Excellent work! 2008-05-06
CWS2710 Great Work! 2008-04-28
patfirefghtr this is so great to finaly get ahold this wonderful project thank you to all that have slaved on it from day one!!!!!!!! 2008-04-28
SimNation A great hub that looks even greater. 2008-04-28
bigslark Thanks you all very much! 2008-04-28