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Creator: Swamper77 Upload Date: 2008-05-25
Last Update: 2009-05-02 File Type: Gameplay
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Updated 05/02/2008: Added BSC Logo FSH file and new files for future releases
Credits to nerdly_dood for the amber light graphic he provided.

This file is required dependency for current and future automata releases that I will upload.

The file contains files that are shared amongst vehicles, so I am putting them into one place for ease of updating, and to not have to track several copies of the files.

Please read the README file for installation instructions!!


Paulo34 Thks 2021-05-24
gunkz32 great thankyou swamp 2015-11-20
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-10
mr.gaga That\'s Cool! 2009-05-03
patfirefghtr thanks for the continued updating here Jan!!! you rock!!! 2008-12-25
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-11
JamesDwho Cool 2008-08-01
Mr. Webman Excellent. Can you make a euro school bus pack for completing the collection of replaced civic automatas? Bye. 2008-08-01
Swamper77 This file is not necessary to fix the scale of the models. However, without it, you will be missing graphics if you download my automata files that are dated 5/25/08 or later. 2008-06-03
patfirefghtr Thanks here alot Jan!!! un1 there are currently uploads that do need this if you want to have the scale of any of automa to be accurate... 2008-06-03
SimGoober okey dokey! 2008-05-29
un1 Nice but I\'ll wait for the uploads that need this... 2008-05-28
nerdly_dood I see some excellent SW77 productions in the future! can\'t wait for \'em! 2008-05-27
klaascornelis Great! cant wait to see your uploads. 2008-05-26
TheTeaCat nice one thanks 2008-05-26