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Creator: Mas71 Upload Date: 2008-06-05
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WP2 Addon - Highwall

I remaked "High walls Lot" for Walls Pack Vol2. (included
in JPN Walls Pack)

- Essentials

The Fence(Gurdrail) on a top are depends on WP2's fences
"02_Walls2 PROP_Fence-xx_xxxxxxxx.dat"
Pack 2
(on SC4D-LEX)
use Highwalls with WP2 same time.

and please read a README included for more details.

When you have any problem in my walls, please check or post in
my support thread.
works mini pumphlet
in SC4Devotion

Enjoy my walls !!

Thank you.


tarmiji thanks 2011-12-17
Needevidence I saw these walls in a Japanese site. You didn\'t copy them here, did you? 2011-12-11
AbsolutoCaos Great work u have done!! props from portugal! 2011-01-13
Yahoogle ty 2010-01-19
Mas71 Thank you both for your voices ;) 2008-07-20
kassarc16 Excellent work on these! They look great along highways and rail lines! 2008-06-06
sithlrd98 I didn\'t even know that you were re-making them! I am downloading them now Mas san! 2008-06-05