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Creator: DuskTrooper Upload Date: 2007-02-04
Last Update: 2021-12-26 File Type: Props
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Edit 12/26/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
DuskTrooper's Trees Pack ONE Version 1.000

This prop pack contains a collection of trees created by DuskTrooper, with advice and tricks acquired from N74704 (big thanks to him!).

These trees are typical of what can be found in the South, particularly, the Houston area, in wooded and urban areas.

Props contained include:

Water Oak Trees (various types, some with moss)

Southern Live Oak trees (small, and large) with moss

Water Pecan trees

Various Water Trees

Mont Elm Trees

Lombardy Poplar Trees

Various Deciduous trees

Stubby Oak Trees

These props can be found in the lot editor with a prefix of "N7_DT"

These props can be used for your own personal lot editing, or can be used on custom lots uploaded on the LEX,

as long as you do NOT include the props with the upload,

and link users to this pack as a dependency. Also, you must credit the creator (DuskTrooper).






Simple place the DAT into your plugins folder

Please see the README for more info.

Especial Thanks to Dusktrooper for his permission to upload these trees to the LEX ����


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Seb01 very nice trees. Great job^^ 2009-04-12
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-12
City Builder Very nice, I only wish to see these as draggable or ploppable trees instead of using them in the lot editor on lots. 2008-03-15
scritore Very nice work... I downloaded these many moons ago, but I\'m glad to see the BSC files coming together here. 2007-02-04
Katten Gustaf Thanks for the nice props. 2007-02-04