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Creator: somy Upload Date: 2008-06-10
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Now obsolete - refer to SOMY Mega Props vol03 and SOMY Mega Props vol04 (for the two tugboats models/props)

The models and props of this Prop Pack were split between the following new SOMY Mega Props packs:

Crane04 till Crane06lngTank and the Crane07Tugboat and Crane07Tugboatb models and props - SOMY Mega Props vol03
Crane07Tugboat01 and Crane07Tugboat02 - SOMY Mega Props vol04

A very special thanks goes to SOMY for his permission about uploading his work at SC4Devotion.
This Prop Pack includes SOMY's waterfront props which are going to be needed for some future projects.
Please use the enclosed Remove List to remove any previous models or use BSC Cleanitol TM to do the work for you.


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