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Creator: Chrisadams3997 Upload Date: 2008-06-11
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This culvert model was designed to visually connect small Transparent Ploppable Water streams and rivers passing under roads and other networks without having to(or in the case of diagonal, even being able to) use a bridge. There are two lots, one orthagonal(straight) and one diagonal. Both of these are designed to be built into a slope and won't look correct if they aren't, so some terraforming is necessary. Please see the appendix at the bottom of the Readme for placement and terraforming info.
Like most RRP lots, these can be found in the water utilities menu.


enterzandman this is very useful and is a splendid piece thank you 2013-02-15
Philadelphia Is this a full pack or just the tubes, an addition to another pack? 2009-08-20
lost indio very good job!!! it\'s util for the industries 2008-10-31
905 These are perfesct!!!!!!!! Any chance of a smaller version for smaller slopes? 2008-07-20
EDGE4194 thank you so much for these chris! Finally I can get my hands on them- yay! 2008-06-12
gfv1974 This is AWESOME! Thank you so much, Chris. :D 2008-06-11
dedgren Just what I was (fervently) wishing for, Chris. Excellent+! David 2008-06-11
shanghai kid wow, they look just the real version. 2008-06-11
patfirefghtr OMG OMG OMG they are here YaY!!!! Thank you soo very much for these Chris!!! 2008-06-11
caspervg It is released? It is released. It is released! Awesome work. 2008-06-11
star.torturer Brilliant addition to the game mr Adams :) 2008-06-11