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Creator: tabi Upload Date: 2008-06-11
Last Update: Never File Type: Props
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A set of prop Concorde planes to use on your lots. Thanks to tabi for giving his permission to upload these here.


szimsziti4 Ok, and what should I do with them? 2016-09-08
MGB204 You know these are just props, right? Usually such items are intended for making lots with, rather than plopping. 2016-09-06
szimsziti4 I can't find them in menu... 2016-09-06
roe99 I wont use for my custom lot thank you 2010-09-03
roe99 Thank you very much for this great work 2010-09-03
wargodkills umm wtf these props dont work?!!! 2008-10-07