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Creator: RippleJet Upload Date: 2008-06-13
Last Update: 2020-03-02 File Type: Gameplay
Views: 51306 Category: Mods - Transport
Last Downloaded: 2023-03-21 Downloads: 25814


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MAC 64bit Update, 2020-02-29:

This file has been updated for compatibility with 64bit MAC versions. It has also been removed from its original installer. To install, unzip the contents to your Plugins folder as usual, keeping the ReadMe and Images folder in a safe place outside of your Plugins. Any seaports you don't wish to use can be removed from the X-Ports\Seaports\Enablers folder. - Nate

Minor Update, 2010-05-14:

The Cleanitol file with dependencies for Pegasus seaports has been updated.
Now pointing to correct resources at SimPeg4.

Minor Update, Version 3.1:

Newman Inc Rural Port, stage 3 has been fixed.
No more empty seaport zones...

The Item Description (in the menu) for MrTruesage's seaport has been fixed.

Major Update, Version 3.0:

All seaports included have now been updateed to actually provide industrial CAP relief,
which no functional seaports have done so far, not even the ingame one.

This CAP relief is based on the seaport's maximum capacity,
and increases with each upgrade and growth stage.

Five seaports added:
MrTruesage's Seaport
BLS Newman Inc Rural Port
BLS Newman Inc Rural Port Diggis
BLS Newman Shipping SG
BLS Newman Shipping CAL

The latter three should face the sea on one side, and a CAN-AM canal on the other.

Major Update, Version 2.0:

Five new seaports added:
BLS Container Port
BLS Inland Container Port
Inland General Port CAL
BLS Airport Cargo Handling Centre
Cargo Handling Facility

Please note that the filename forever will contain the version 1.0,
even if it includes a completely new version.

Thus, when saving this file on your disk, you may want to give it a new name,
BSC Functional Seaports, Version 3.1.zip

BSC Functional Seaports (Seaport Development Project) includes a set of seaports,
which are all functional, meaning they accept cargo
and provide industrial CAP relief for each tonne of cargo shipped.

All seaports included are upgradeable, and the upgrades are automatic.
All in all there are over 100 seaports included.

It is backwards compatible with SWAP's Package Loading Center,
and contains three unused spots in the Controller File,
that can be used for personal custom seaports, or other 3rd-party seaports.

If you want to avoid CTD's and be able to build all available seaports
(including your own seaports or seaports made by 3rd-party creators),
please read the readme and run the Cleanitol files included before installing.

If you encounter problems, or have questions, please refer to the support thread here:


Contact me via PM whenever you need help with creating your own Enablers.


Heckler Issue w/ the cleanitol file, maybe i missed an instruction about renaming the versions, but cleanitol doesn't detect "BSC Essentials 2022a, it looks for "BSC Essentials" so cleanitol says its missing, but its there- should i rename these? For example on another one : BSC Mega Props - JES Vol03.dat is now BSC Mega Props - JES Vol03 v3.dat so cealnitol doesn't detect- makes it hard to know what i have and what i dont have. 2023-01-28
Tarkus Note that the Dependency Tracker had to be disabled on this file due to technical issues with the LEX. Both the Dependency Tracker and the download button itself were previously inoperable. 2022-11-11
Pappasmurf Hiya, thanks for this download. The BLS seaports have brown boxes. How do I get rid of them? Pappasmurf 2022-07-18
Luurt There's a guide here https://www.sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=14336.msg412925#msg412925 I just installed it with the dependency tracker, took me about 15mins and should include all the files you need. For me I was missing one since I had previously downloaded it on my old region, started a new plugins folder since then, and the tracker skipped it. Managed to find what I was missing with the help of the guide though. 2022-05-15
Crimson_Baker Hello everyone. Is there a noobproof guide or video how to install that mod from top to bottom? I still hear that without it, there no reason to play that game, but also in the yt videos from 2020 there is information that the installation can take long hours. Theres that info from MAC 64-bit update :"To install, unzip the contents to your Plugins folder as usual, keeping the ReadMe and Images folder in a safe place outside of your Plugins. Any seaports you don't wish to use can be removed from the X-Ports\Seaports\Enablers folder. " But whats withe dependencies, is it enough to download them with this tracker and unpack everything in Plugins or i have to do something extra??? 2022-04-25
Tyberius06 @T00fresh6: How do you mean? Would you mind elaborate that? 2022-02-22
T00fresh6 Your dependencies are currpted thanks for letting people know that. 2022-02-22
Tyberius06 @ilgaar: we/I are in the process of changing most of the installer based uploads (that covers, I believe all the dependencies for this set) to MAC friendly ZIP based "unpack and play" or "drag and drop" uploads. It's a huge project (called Project ZIP) which covers thousands of installers on this site. I can't say an exact date, when it's going to be ready, but soonish (means 2-6 months at least depending on available free time and other difficulties) 2020-12-12
ilgaar OK, I'm planning to go through this hell hole of dependencies, I have downloaded the dependencies via LEX, there are a few off site? I guess I'll download them manually. So, they are all exe... hmm, any ideas how to unpack those under Mac? It looks like some of them are not Wine friendly. OK If anyone has ever managed to install all this under Mac, their guidance is very much appreciated. 2020-12-12
ytroxin dependencies? 2020-09-28
LF2005 Is this called "Dependencies nightmare", not only this has a lot of depecies but also some of the dependencies have dependencies of their own also I couldn't download the dependencies pack, it always stops midway ( it seems my download time times out andit doesn't resume) so had to do it manually, one by one, hopefully I will manage to put it all together without issue 2020-06-21
Tarkus nissan_s14: You can download all but the three off-site ones in one click using the LEX Dependency Tracker. 2018-12-17
nissan_s14 god lord, there are so much dependencies. 2018-12-17
AsimPika3172 @Ayleids, Thanks! I already have BSC Mega Props RT Vol 4 right now! ;) 2018-08-22
Ayleids @AsimPika3172 it's been replaced by "BSC_MEGA_Props_RT_Vol04" 2018-05-30
AsimPika3172 RIP.... BSCBATProps RT MineCorp Vol01...... Some plugin needed this one.... 2017-06-29
Gtaman @Cordero<br /> for dependencies see the dependency tracker 2016-11-13
Cordero. The BSC Functional Seaports (v1.0) require dependencies? 2016-08-31
Ryandinho14 And that's taking into consideration I've already downloaded the overwhelming majority of the main prop and lot dependency packs. 2015-07-06
Ryandinho14 Absolute dependency hell. Thought I had everything because I used the dependency tracker, but each of those dependencies has more dependencies. Downloaded and extracted at least 60 zips before I gave up. 2015-07-06
rummtata Impressive project! The missing dependency - it's not documented in the readme or the Cleanit file - can be found here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1547 // without this prop pack, two of the ports will show brown boxes. Let me also recommend this great guide, it contains a lot of useful information: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=14336.msg412925#msg412925 2015-03-25
Disasterjunkie nice. very nice. so nice 2014-07-07
Disasterjunkie nice. very nice. so nice 2014-07-07
hilman thanks... 2013-10-05
Manwith Noname The Cleanitol dependancy check points to this locked file...<br /> http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=529<br /> While it\'s not a stretch for anyone to follow the link there, an update would streamline the process ;) 2013-08-29
hangzh лл 2012-09-11
oyefor super, merci! 2012-04-29
cashmoney soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many dependencies but downloading anyway :) 2012-04-11
mirdochegal Geil alta! Nice job 2012-04-05
slayermemet milles merci:) 2012-03-02
archkorn Thank you! 2011-12-11
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-10
CityDog17 Great looking seaports. I can already smell the salt water and even that brown muck at the edge of the inlets! 2011-06-08
baramdolly thank you 2011-02-08
Hafidz nice to you old guys 2010-12-21
erikasdaddy Not a problem! Not a major big deal to me, to some I\'m sure! :) 2010-05-20
RippleJet Thank you for reminding me, <b>erikasdaddy</b>!<br> I\'ve now updated the Cleanitol file with (hopefully) correct links to Pegasus\' dependencies. 2010-05-14
erikasdaddy Peg redesigned his site so all the links for him are now outdated... 2010-04-26
Yahoogle Great work,ty 2010-01-08
Maxim1110 It all looks nice but it doesn\'t work. I have all dependencies installed(checked multiple times with cleanitol) and I still get an instant crash to desktop everytime I try to build a port, please help me... 2009-06-17
Vegantor looks very good but too much depedency 2009-06-02
allan_kuan1992 working so far except for some missing dependancies... forgive me if i happen to download this 6 times as i didn\'t read the readmes fully =O sorry. = ( 2008-12-25
Chlev I read the readme.I HATE THOSE STUPID BOXES!!!!!!!!! 2008-08-05
skyjuice omf. Very nice 2008-06-20
mr.fusion RippleJet: I\'m glad to read your reply, thank you. 2008-06-18
RippleJet Yes, pictures are being prepared (showing all upgrades) and will be posted in the support thread, together with dependency lists for each of them separately. 2008-06-18
RippleJet mr.fusion: Yes, I noticed that myself. Even if the file I uploaded had version number 1.1, the filename was changed back into the original upload\'s filename. The content is all version 1.1 though. 2008-06-18
Hydra Not downloading this after whats happened! 2008-06-17
mr.fusion Great Mod. A correction: The zip still says version number 1.0. Where can I find pictures of all seaports? And will there be a dependency list for each port separately? I\'m getting tired to download tons of deps where I am not sure to really need them (slows my pc). Thank You. 2008-06-17
Lana 10/10 2008-06-17
Mas71 Great works! I want to use them early on my sities. Thanks sharing for your hard works!! 2008-06-16
CaptCity Wonderful work! Looking forward to trying these. 2008-06-15
RippleJet Stewey, thank you for that correction. With update 1.0.1 the Cleanitol file has been corrected. 2008-06-15
warnie splendide job !! 2008-06-14
Quesh OMG, very great job ! 2008-06-14
Stewey Excellent mod, however despite installing cnuts texture pack vol4, cleanitol reports that it is missing, the cleanitol needs to look for \"BSC Texture Pack cnut Vol4.dat\" rather than \"cnut BSC Texture Pack Vol4.dat\". 2008-06-14
patfirefghtr nice very nice!!!! 2008-06-13
Duvad Finally! 2008-06-13