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Creator: RippleJet Upload Date: 2008-06-15
Last Update: 2010-01-09 File Type: Gameplay
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Major Update, Version 2.1:

Spaceport fixed to be fully functional
Enabler for AC Prefab Airport fixed

Minor update 2009/04/16

Corrected the link to the following dependency:
Plugin_landmarks_and_ other_missing_Props.dat

Major Update, Version 2.0:

Three new airports added:
AC Prefab Airport by Voltaire
BLS City and Airport Bus Stop
BLS Roth Air and Bus

Please note that the filename forever will contain the version 1.0,
even if it includes a completely new version.

Thus, when saving this file on your disk, you may want to give it a new name,
AC Functional Airports, Version 2.1.zip

Aerospace Consortium's Functional Airports include a set of airports, which are all functional, meaning they have a passenger capacity, and each passenger transported will provide CO CAP relief. The number of passengers using all airports in a city is always the same as the city's CO capacity.

All new airports included are upgradeable, and the upgrades are automatic.

All airports that were included in SWAP, and all airports that were supported in Swamper77's support file are included in AC Functional Airports. SWAP's Package Loading Center (which is a functional seaport) is also included and backwards compatible.

If you want to avoid CTD's and be able to build all available airports, please read the readme and run the Cleanitol files included before installing.

If you encounter problems, or have questions, please refer to the support thread here:



Wulfila Cool mod. How does it interact with CAM? 2018-05-12
deemer2404 For those that can not get the airports to appear in their airport menu, try this from the support thread (thanks to woodb3kmaster):<br /> There's a simpler solution: add a b_ prefix to the "SC4 Functional Airports 2.2.dat" file. It seems that renaming this file (which contains all the airport building exemplars) from the previous "BSC Functional Airports.dat" inadvertently broke the enablers by loading them before this file. This fix should also remove the Maxis airports from your menu (if you have the "Remove Maxis Airport" files installed).<br /> That did work for me. 2017-08-13
harryloko20 nice 2017-04-03
Tarkus Gloverboy6: Yes. The main purpose of this package was to re-mod a number of existing airport lots (and add a few new ones), and to ensure their interoperability. In many cases, the original dependencies for those previous lots were re-used. It is quite a long list, but the Dependency Tracker does go a long way toward streamlining the download process. 2016-09-10
Gloverboy6 Any reason it requires SO many dependencies? 2016-09-09
bsceebull Macs. Gimme a mac version. Or else I would go into windows xp and play this game. 2015-02-27
Disasterjunkie I have officially learned my lesson!<br /> make a back up. <br /> make a back up. <br /> It will take me days to get all my info again. 2014-07-07
gaofei could this be any more confusing? Even after reading all the readme\'s, installing all the plugins etc, Im still confused...and still cant see a plopable, functional airport in my menu... 2014-05-08
trabman11 This Mod to the airport functionality in SC4 is amazing (and has turned out to be quiet useful). It is the NAM of ALL Airport MODS! 2013-11-28
Bistro187 Cant wait to try this out! thanx! 2013-04-30
cefien FarGah: make sure you install all the dependencies... 2012-10-23
Fatherted Is there a zip file/ 2012-09-20
jaimevarelam230298 nice TYVM :D !!!! 2012-04-04
FarGah my concrete runway dosen\'t appear, why? 2012-01-23
archkorn Thank you! 2011-12-11
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-10
chastelou thank you very much 2011-09-23
sejr99999 thanks great idea 2011-05-07
geindoll thank you very much! 2011-03-25
manong thanks 2011-03-01
l1nx2 thanks 2011-02-22
Risuketsu where\'s the dependencies? 2011-02-13
baramdolly thank you! 2011-02-07
RippleJet <b>@therealslimshady</b>, TSM (<b>thesherminator</b>) only relotted the ingame <a href=http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=25000>international airport</a>. 2010-12-17
therealslimshady someone already made something like this :| TSM on simtropolis i think not sure ill give this a try tho :D 2010-12-10
joe7078 I\'m starting a big work to build a huge airport. THANK TOU! 2010-09-06
RippleJet @<b>weston631</b>, would you mind posting in the support thread with some more details/pictures? :) 2010-09-06
weston631 the wizard didnt work i couldnt change my user and the \"...\" button didnt work either 2010-09-06
pokestik Thank...You!!! 2010-07-27
johnandrew Thank you! :) 2010-05-17
plai thanks 2010-02-14
fresamn21 the pics looks good, hope my sims would it like... 2010-02-13
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
Ricky112233 The only thing I want is tha seaplane port and tha cargo center.Can somebody send me tha files sepratly or on lex sepratly!Cheers,Ricky112233 2009-08-12
Rezn0r What\'s the deal with the rail on the heliport? It kind of gets in the way. Is it there just as a pass through or does it act as a passenger station? 2009-08-04
dpy90307 A great help to me 2009-05-01
RippleJet Thank you, TheMadBaron. The link has been corrected here, in the Readme, as well as in the Cleanitol list. 2009-04-16
TheMadBaron URL has changed for Plugin_landmarks_and_other_missing_Props.dat http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=21286 2009-04-07
RippleJet simcity4forant2, there are 56 custom airport lots and 2 runways lots included in the package, created by several different people. The dependencies cover all these lots. If you do not want to use all custom airports, please ask in the Support Thread for the dependencies for the airports you want to use. Besides, most of them are already separately listed in that thread. 2009-02-21
simcity4forant2 GOD DAMN! What are all those Dependencies on the \"read me\" thingy!? They\'re not needed right!? Right!? >.>!! 2009-02-20
pcr231 been waiting sooo long for this. great work!!!! 2009-01-15
SimNation Gives more variety then just the maxis airports. Not bad 2009-01-14
jack_wilds Thank you...thank you...thank you... skies the way! 2009-01-14
[email protected] I have a problem does anyone have any suggestions. I installed this package and all the dependencies but now my commercial zones won\'t grow. What did I do wrong? 2008-10-04
Advantix THANKS!! XD 2008-09-20
RippleJet Those of you having brown boxes probably need bldgprop_vol1.dat. Read the Readme! :) 2008-09-15
stevie89 l\'m getting the boxes as well, wtf? 2008-08-29
princeofdesert i have big brown boxes plz the dependencies 2008-08-27
Bone221 Thanks I am looking forward to using it 2008-07-17
cal Excellent. Just what I need! Thank you very much! :) 2008-07-13
sebes Exciting!!!! 2008-07-12
Cityfun ty 2008-06-21
frdrcklim omg. can\'t wait to use this : ) 2008-06-17
gn_leugim thank you!!! =) 2008-06-16
CaptCity Looking forward to trying these. Thanks for your efforts!!! 2008-06-15