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Creator: jestarr Upload Date: 2008-06-17
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So, do you want to make a sheep station? Perhaps you'd like to make a cattle ranch. Do you need a few pigs to fill your sties? They're all in this set of Mayor Mode ploppable livestock. There are eleven different models, rendered in 6 orientations. The cow models are, also, in families for those wishing to use them as variable props on lots. Models by jestarr - Modding by Chrisadams3997.


jes_Cowprops_Family.dat - included

jes_PigProps.dat - included

jes_SheepProps.dat - included


sejr99999 thank you now a dependency for SPAM nice plops 2011-05-11
js303 This is great, livestock to liven up the realism of the farming lots and country zones. 2010-07-25
prancertoo SWEET! Thank you so much for this! 2010-04-28
bap Yes, now we can make realistic farms and ranches. 2009-07-05
goodspeed exellent. 2009-06-28
dioangel Wooohoo more animals!! :-) 2009-02-28
Dexist thanks now i can make \"babe: pig in the city\" 2009-02-04
oddball59 Outstanding!! Thank you for sharing these. 2008-11-24
the_pretender90 This is perfect, thank you. I\'ve used it quite a few times now and it looks awesome! You can see it in my Simtropolis CJ, too (New Urban City - Smart Growth). Thanks again! 2008-11-08
Lilojame Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!! 2008-10-31
melo Thank You Perfect Love it 2008-08-17
pipe EXCELENTE 2008-07-20
Lana :( 2008-07-16
Tidalpool I found them in my Tree menu! Can be so hard to see things, with so many plugins. Wink 2008-07-14
Tidalpool Great idea! Thank you. Where will I find these in the menu? 2008-07-12
sebes Excellent! 2008-07-12
Mas71 They are really wonderful modelings ! Thank you their hard works Jestter and Chrisadams3997 :) 2008-07-06
FrankvU Terrible important download for the just officially installed Ar-cow-tect from West End! Thanks a lot. 2008-06-23
mrbisonm If I would have to say which is the most brilliant idea as a mayor plop, this must be it, no doubt,genius! 2008-06-19
Livin in Sim Eee-i-ee-i-O...MG! 2008-06-19
Derbert At last! Sheepfarms. Love this, and I haven\'t even downloaded yet! 2008-06-19
Une_ame Here we go... nothing to add to Patfirefghtr!!! :-) 2008-06-18
patfirefghtr mooootastic and oinkeriffic and baaaahramooliscus!!!!!!!!! 2008-06-18
Silur Thank You !!! 2008-06-18
gfv1974 Love it - thanks!! 2008-06-18
jacqulina awesome thankyou for your hard work 2008-06-18
caspervg Yippie! 2008-06-17
simdad1957 Moooo! 2008-06-17
bkballa4790 nice work! 2008-06-17
un1 Great idea!! That is really good!! 2008-06-17
annabellelin Thank you! I have been looking for sheep to put in the parks of the mansions. They look great. 2008-06-17
newsimaddict brilliant work jestarr and chrisadams3997. everyone will be loving these! 2008-06-17
Unassigned Yes!!!! 2008-06-17