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Creator: Mas71 Upload Date: 2008-06-30
Last Update: 2009-11-03 File Type: Plop
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Update : 03/11/2009 - Corrected UserVisualNameKey of all LOTs.(for SSPTool)
Please get a latest zip and overwright to old files, or You can get only corrected files on HEER.

- JPN River Project -
8 kinds of LOTs included for JRP in this zip.
- Slope with the Concrete Walls (Orthogonal and Diagonal)
- More smooth 90deg inner curve
- Water Gates (Narrow and Wide x2)

All icon added "Seaport" menu.

--- Essentials ---
Please download the following files beforehand by all means.

JRP PROP Pack Vol03

MAS71 PropPack Vol03

MMLing Lot included.

Please read a Readme in this zip for more details.

- JRP Series -
### JRP Lot Pack
JRP Core Lot Pack (Updated : 28/06/2011)

JRP Addon Lot Pack 01

JRP Addon Lot Pack 02

### JRP PROP Pack
JRP PROP Pack Vol01 (Updated : 28/06/2011)

JRP PROP Pack Vol02

JRP PROP Pack Vol03

JRP PROP Pack Vol04

JRP PROP Pack Vol05


When you have any problem in my walls, please check or post in
my support thread.
works mini pumphlet
in SC4Devotion.

Enjoy with my River!!
Thank you.



Disasterjunkie Such a good idea, always wonder why goes on the curves. 2014-07-08
TonyNobo Thanks!! 2012-12-11
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-15
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-04
Mas71 Thank you all :) It\'s not yet end the JRP ;P(maybe). I hope you would enjoy with my river.-Mas\'71 2008-07-06
Hydra Very nice. 2008-07-02
Hydra Very nice. 2008-07-02
NikNik ahw, or just to say awe! 2008-07-02
jacqulina excellent work thankyou 2008-06-30
sithlrd98 Love em! 2008-06-30
SimNation Wow...gets even better. Thank you sir 2008-06-30