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Creator: Mas71 Upload Date: 2008-07-15
Last Update: 2010-01-20 File Type: Plop
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Update : 03/11/2009 - Corrected UserVisualNameKey of all LOTs.(for SSPTool)
Please get a latest zip and overwright to old files, or You can get only corrected files on HEER.

- JPN River Project -
9 kinds of LOTs (and 3 options) included for JRP in this zip.
All icon added "Seaport" menu.

--- Essentials ---
Please download the following files beforehand by all means.

JRP PROP Pack Vol 04

JRP PROP Pack Vol 05

Updated MMLing Lot included.

Please read a Readme in this zip for more details.

- JRP Series -
### JRP Lot Pack
JRP Core Lot Pack (Updated : 28/06/2011)

JRP Addon Lot Pack 01

JRP Addon Lot Pack 02

### JRP PROP Pack
JRP PROP Pack Vol01 (Updated : 28/06/2011)

JRP PROP Pack Vol02

JRP PROP Pack Vol03

JRP PROP Pack Vol04

JRP PROP Pack Vol05

When you have any problem in my works, please check and post
it in my support thread.
works mini pumphlet
in SC4Devotion.

Enjoy with my River!!
Thank you.



Disasterjunkie Ilm getting confused with all the dependencies so here you go let me mark them. 2014-07-08
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-15
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-04
Uppps Installer does not accept a different path 2008-10-01
Lila Wonderful , This download is a must -Shingure 2008-08-25
Den52 Love your new packs! would be nice if you could run \"Elevated Ground highway\" over it!! 2008-08-04
Mas71 @All: Thanks again for all of your warm comments:). @Cockatoo:Yeh!! It\'s a too glad words for me;) Please enjoy with them I hope!! 2008-07-20
skyjuice that bending is sick. i wantto make some myself. looked for concrete round pieces for my dock, and this is close . big up. 2008-07-19
Cockatoo-210893 Gah, I\'ve already got like 6 canal sets, and I remember saying to myself when I downloaded the last one, NO MORE. As you can imagine, this made me change my mind. Seriously dude, this stuff is amazing. By far the best canal set I have ever seen, and I can only imagine how much modding and modeling work you must have done to get this pack to this stage. You must have put hundreds of hours into this, thanks heaps for your efforts! I really appreciate things like this. 2008-07-18
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2008-07-16
Mas71 Thank you all. I\'m glad to hear your voices :) @SimNation and @Crusader99. Please tell me your suggestion with more detail in my suport thread;) Thank you again all !! 2008-07-16
Crusader99 Very very nice! Some suggestions: Curve Outer Corner left and right: Can you make them without the pontoon? Can you make a drivable \"Dam\"? BTW, the dam middle section is not at the same height as the left and right section? And a 2008-07-16
iketon Hey Mas! Good work... you have great technique with the details! Nice 2008-07-15
Yoman3 Probably the best canal set out there ;) 2008-07-15
SimNation A Toast....to Mas71....your lots are always soo unique..but I have a request...any chance you can make some more of those parks? at least 6 more? I love those. 2008-07-15
tag_one Wonderful work Mas san! These lots are so beautiful :) 2008-07-15
toxicpiano great work Mas san! 2008-07-15