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The statutory regulations of the European Union parliament oblige every developer to minimize the environmental impact of building activity. This also includes the minimization of noise pollution that emits from new traffic routes. An appropriate measure in an urban setting is the erection of soundwalls, which prevent noise emissions across residential areas.

The soundwalls that are included in this set are made of synthetics and bricks. They are common along rail lines and highways in Germany. The plastic elements have a rough surface that helps minimizing the reflection of noise. This method improves noise protection a lot, compared to a simple concrete wall, for instance.

The set contains soundwalls for both orthogonal and diagonal transit networks. For the diagonal walls, there are two variants which allow walls that are either close to or a bit set back from the network. For the close variant, you'll have to use the transition lots that have been included. If the distance to the network doesn't matter, you can safely remove all transition lots and save valuable menu space.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials (updated version July 2008)


SimCityJack I have all dependencies mentioned but, I'm still getting brown boxes. What I'm I missing. 2017-01-16
MGB204 Excellent set of soundwalls, after some brief testing I think I will be using these a lot. Thanks very much for sharing. 2016-12-13
Lolt For those who have a brown box for trees after you met Dependencies for SFBT Soundwall.<br /> One more missing, BSC Mega Prop Pack CP Vol01. Can be found here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180 2014-11-15
cefien @CoolGaming: it is not FIXING you need bro... you certainly need DEPENDENCY... you see, brown boxes appears caused by the lack of dependency...you must figured it out what dependency files you might miss in your plugin... 2012-10-07
CoolGaming Can you fix this? I have a box on the lot, again. -.- 2012-01-01
damien58 merci 2011-11-03
Schmidtler Well done Andreas! I find myself using these all over the place, though I had issues with the trees for a while. I think a version with graffiti would look much more like the Germany I know and love. :) Also, the anti-pollution effects are a little too strong. I\'m getting $$$ High Density with no problem right next to the walls, but the rest of my city is still a slum. Once again, excellent work. Very commendable. 2009-10-24
random_ben7 I get a box with about 1/2 of the straight pieces... I have SFBT essentials too 2009-06-13
stevie89 for some reason l get a box, does anyone else? 2008-08-11
kimcar Great add thanks 2008-08-06
Godzillasam looks more for rural areas than anything...:P still great!;) 2008-08-05
tag_one Great walls Andreas! 2008-08-03
TheTeaCat An excellent addition thanks for sharing 2008-08-02