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My 50th building and the finale to this weeks release party! The Canadian Broadcasting Centre is a special purpose office building in downtown Toronto. Completed in 1993, the building is the heart of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canada’s publicly owned television and radio network. Most of CBC’s English programming and a significant portion of the network’s French shows are produced in the building (television in the roof studios and radio on the floors below). To accommodate television and radio production, the building is built on a series of rubber pads that minimize unwanted vibrations. In total, the Broadcasting Centre is home to 3 radio studios, 19 production studios, 3 television studios, 2 local television studios, 2 all purpose studios and one national news studio. Besides the CBC, the building is also home to the International Academy of Design and Technology. Perhaps though the structure’s signature feature is the 13 storey Barbara Frum Atrium, named in honour of former CBC news anchor Barbara Frum. In 2006, several Canadian police forces and the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency cracked an Islamic terrorist cell and potentially averted an attack on the Broadcasting Centre. The 17 suspected terrorists had a long list of potential targets and had considered attempting to storm the building, take hostages and seize control of the air waves. The Canadian Broadcasting Centre comes to Sim City with a growable and a plopable lot that measure 7x7 and provide 3,718 Co$$$. Three dependencies, BSC Spa Essentials 2, BSC Mega Props CP Vol1 and BSC Texturepack Cycledogg V01 b. See the readme for complete details.


wingbull Cool! 2010-12-17
fleetlordavtar thanks for including other N. American blds. 2009-09-13
Lana 10/10 2008-12-16
Pie omg i love it 2008-11-18
TownMaster2005 Absolute Masterpiece. 2008-11-15
heinzwolf this one looks really good! nice work. 2008-11-15
sebes Very nice! Great details. 2008-10-25
Duvad Crazy looking building; nice. 2008-10-04
Darmok WOW! Lots of details and interesting architecture 2008-09-30
idan800 amazing 2008-09-29
mad_genius Cool. I just asked because you didn\'t said that you had applied the X tool to it on the lot description. Thanks for answering. 2008-09-07
spa Thanks everyone. Mad genius, when I punched it into the BSC\'s PIM X tool it spit out as a stage 7 so it\'ll appear with and without the cam. 2008-09-07
mad_genius Magnificent building. Is it campatible? 2008-09-07
tag_one Indeed a true masterpiece! This building is magnificent :) 2008-09-05
marcszar What a masterpiece! 2008-09-05
gfv1974 Great work!!! 2008-09-05
yoder7652 Excellent...so glad to see this released! 2008-09-04