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Creator: callagrafx Upload Date: 2008-09-19
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 8547 Category: Residential - Highrise
Last Downloaded: 2023-03-20 Downloads: 12779


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Aradhana Apts is a stage 7 R$$$ development from the CAL/BLS studios. A few dependencies, but the regular ones so you should have them (if not, why not?). This is 100% compatible with CAM and non-CAM installations. All stats and links to dependencies in the readme file. Specially thanks to Chris Adams for making the B4M script vastly better.


kasundo Beautiful!! c",) 2019-01-23
Bobby_Gamer Imma try this out<br /> 2016-04-06
rummtata It's great, thanks! 2015-04-02
arimius Looks good, but please write the dependencies in the description so we can easily see if we have those or not. Thanks! 2014-07-26
Disasterjunkie Aint that a nifty looking thang. 2014-07-08
Cityline I like the downlaod! 2010-11-14
densaat Keep up the good work! Thanks! 2010-07-14
Arboudanana i like it 2010-04-26
sejr99999 thank you this is incredibly beautiful 2010-03-22
Arboudanana i Like it very mutch 2010-02-12
lalutvpm wonderfull.....your creation is nice........it gives a good look to my city....:) 2010-02-06
gamebooker65 Great 2009-06-15
SCGOY Ooo. Ahhh. Wow! 2009-03-28
lissy thx ;) 2009-02-08
myshe222 wonderful work~! 2009-01-23
Pie great work!!!! 2008-11-18
Kurozt I love it Thank you 2008-11-16
DonKosta It\'s look beautiful 2008-10-22
Galactifield Nice 2008-10-10
Lathen This looks gorgeous in my city! Thank you! 2008-10-09
City Builder Beautiful 2008-10-04
patfirefghtr Lee and Barby this looks as to be a great lot and I cant wait to see it grow!!! 2008-09-29
jesus88ct yeah!!! 2008-09-21
papab I like it, and am glad it is a CAM lot 2008-09-21
SimNation Nice 2008-09-20
zero7 Great looking apartments. 2008-09-20
CarmineHilton Lovely design! Great work ;) 2008-09-20
MMorales2 Must Download, can\'t resist. LOL 2008-09-19
kimcar Very good choice of bat Thanks 2008-09-19
ipp4ever I like it very much,thx 2008-09-19
barbyw This not easy to grow but I can assure that it does. 2008-09-19