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Creator: cogeo Upload Date: 2008-12-19
Last Update: 2022-06-22 File Type: Props
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UPDATE: 22.06.2022 for Project ZIP. Installer replaced with ZIP file, courtesy of Tyberius06.

This pack contains warehouse and ancillary props, for use in Logistics Centres lots. There are twelve BATs in total, plus a special horizontal floodlight model (lightcone). Also contained, special timed props, textures, pathfiles and freight automata spawning scripts. The pack does not contain any lots.

These had been released in the past as Warehouse BATProps Part A & B, but here are put together, along with objects previously included in my Logistics Centres Pack, all consolidated in a single dependency pack, available to lotmakers.

You DO NOT need to install this if you have already installed Warehouse BATProps Part A and B, and the Logistics Centres Mega-Pack (lots & extra objects), ie no new or additional objects are contained in this pack.

Lotmakers may use these props in their lots, but not include (redistribute) the models in their plugins. Instead, they must point users to download the models from this page.

Install: copy/extract the Cogeo parent folder into your plugins. If you extracted the _Documents folder into your plugins, too, it's highly recommended to keep it, but move it out of the Plugins folder.

If you have a left-hand driving installation (UK, Pacific) you must also install the UK Pathing Patch (included in this pack). You can find the z_LCP_UK_PathingPatch.dat file in the _Documents\Cogeo LCD Pack UK Patch\ folder.

- Special thanks to Jestarr for the custom consist prop models.
- Special thanks to Swamper77 for the automata-spawning scripts.
- Many thanks to BarbyW for testing/evaluating this pack.

While this is a dependency pack itself, some props use models made by SimGoober and Jestarr. To avoid brown boxes, make sure you have the following dependencies installed:
- BSCMegaProps JES Vol01
- BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01


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SimsPlanet2 Cogeo, i REALLY like the buildings on the pictures above. Could you please put them as a download somewhere? That would be amazing! 2008-12-29
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