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Creator: Chrisadams3997 Upload Date: 2008-12-19
Last Update: 2022-02-08 File Type: Plop
Views: 10837 Category: Parks
Last Downloaded: 2022-07-01 Downloads: 12381


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Project ZIP Update - 08 February 2022: Replaced installer with .zip file.
These are unchanged from the beta versions that were previously available.
A pack of fences and gravel paths to give your rural areas more realism. The lots appear in the water utilities menu.


ZoSo925 I like the fences and entrance area that allows road, but the paths are super jacked up and suffer some texture glitch like some of SNM and Deadwood dirt trails and security fences. 2021-08-12
Nobo50 Just what I needed, some wooden fences for my camping grounds, thank you 2020-12-19
Wournos Why is this in the water menu?! It's highly irritating to place when seeing the water layer. "Due to request"? Bad call. 2016-03-15
Disasterjunkie look at that... does it come with stone walls too? 2014-07-08
tilia53 Thank You. 2014-04-08
PandaMike Wonderful! 2013-07-24
titanica doesn\'t work correctly with terrain mods 2013-07-06
juliok102013 No Dependancies? So I like!! 2013-07-03
Nightbird615 Never mind. I figured it out. :) 2013-04-27
Nightbird615 Hi there. I tried to download but it isn\'t installing anything into the folder. Any thoughts on why? Thx! 2013-04-27
Tetris Thank You. 2011-11-04
thatboy904 nice set but when used,the ground turns blue? 2011-03-16
Heides666 Small error with the installer. It places files into default folder no matter what you specify for the install path. Otherwise, thank you for this great set. 2011-01-26
183745942a Thank you! 2010-11-07
js303 Thank you. These fences look realistic and will add to the rural area around the city. 2010-08-06
river79423 i like this feeling 2010-01-30
Numenase one of the best downloads around! 2010-01-19
dwelln8hss32 Can\'t wait to get started! 2010-01-17
hanganu very well done-ty 2009-02-20
Skimbo I can only say one thing: nice work! 2009-02-11
bronstein it do not work correctly with the columbus terrain mod... But nice work ! 2009-01-18
canis39 This is cool, and I do like me some agricultural areas... 2009-01-05
simsamerica Where is the rest of the RRP Avalible? 2008-12-26
ipp4ever When I use a CP Terrain Mod , the gravel paths\' base texture didn\'t show correctly . Could you please show me the reason? thx a lot. 2008-12-26
Jim No dependancies? 2008-12-22
DougOZ Thank you, thats a great creation!! 2008-12-20
Lilojame I am soooo happy to finally get my hands on this! Thank you extremely very much! 2008-12-20
pokestik Thank...You! 2008-12-20
TheTeaCat Thank you for making these available. 2008-12-20