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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
A variety of new aircraft, structures, and smaller props by the AC Team. These are used on the set of large, functional PreFabs released in January 2009:

- A320 Family, with attached jetbridges
- 737NG Series, with attached jetbridges
- 757-200 and -300, with attached jetbridges
- 747-400, with attached jetbridges
- 787-8, with attached jetbridges
- CRJ Family, with attached jetbridge or open airstair door
- Challenger 601 bizjet, with & without open airstair door
- Beech 58, closed door only
- Glasflugel H201 glider, parked
- General aviation hangars
- Concourse corner with tight-fit LODs
- Unoccupied jetbridges
- Taxiway signs
- Navigation aids, miniaturized for prefab use

Note many of the jetliners are rendered at fractional angles, making them unsuitable for general-purpose lotbuilding. Their attached jetbridges in particular are highly customized, in terms of length and joint angles. There are three new sc4desc files as well, to enable shadows on the existing control towers.

This collection is entirely new, no worries about cleaning/replacing earlier files.


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