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Creator: Swamper77 Upload Date: 2008-12-23
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This is a set of emergency vehicles based on ones in Seattle. These vehicles will replace the Maxis defaults with their Seattle counterparts:

- Crown Victoria Police Car
- Chevy Astro Police Van
- Pumper Fire Truck
- Ladder Fire Truck (Additional)
- Fire Battalion Command Unit

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Enslaved Viking This is one of my ultimate favorite downloads. I love them, I live in Seattle, this will really make me happy. This download and the Space Needle are my favorites. Thanks alot. Greetings from Seattle!! 2009-10-31
Swamper77 The vehicles are 1:1 to the real world size. The problem is that Maxis makes their vehicles turn about the center of the vehicle model. 2009-05-30
DJ-Print nice trucks and cars the problem is that the tracks are to long! 2009-05-26
mr.gaga Nice Work,thank you for your great work! 2009-05-03
Swamper77 If you mean Seattle FD\'s red box ambulance, it\'s in there. I forgot to list it. It\'s in the \"FD\" file with the fire units. 2009-02-13
Ocram Very nice, the only thing missing is medic one. I still love the cars and they look a lot like their real life counter parts 2009-02-11
Tycoonsimraider123 This is Perfect because i live in the Seattle Metro near Kent, so this could definitely add more realism, thanks Swamper, another great BAT! 2008-12-25
Advantix Thank you!! Ecxellent Work!! 2008-12-23