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The various light signals in this pack represent those that were developed and introduced by the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German railway company) since 1957 in Western Germany. They were necessary to signalize longer rail lines. The mechanical semaphore signals were controlled manually, which means they could be controlled only locally. The new electrical signals made the process automated, but it also meant to lose a number of jobs.

The light signals are the predecessor of the semaphore signals, but they work with the same principles. A distant signal announces the main signal by giving an indication of the main signal. Those signals can be found nearly everywhere in Western Germany, but they are slowly replaced with the even newer combination signals.

This prop pack contains a total number of 147 different light signals, both distant signals and main signals. The props are intended for usage on rail lots and mods for SimCity 4. The pack only serves as a dependency, there are no lot or similar included. If you like to see those props in your game, you will have to install corresponding lots, or create your own.

In the Lot Editor, all signals are listed with the prefix "SFBT_Bahn_...", so they are neatly grouped for easier finding. Most of the props are available as orthogonal and diagonal version, both as centered prop ("zentriert nullpunkt") and rendered with an offset of 16 m ("+16", "-16"), which are intended to be used "besides" the actual lot , that can be placed next to the tracks.


pjc1965 Nice detail ! 2012-02-18
tarmji THANKS 2011-11-05
Maulet Great work, but they are too big. Real light signals aren\'t that tall/big. 2010-10-26
roe99 Thank you very much for this wonderfull work I am very like this 2010-09-03
abbath667 So now I not only have to look at them at work, but also at home :-(. Great job! 2010-02-14
mastarick highly appreciated! 2009-05-14
germanklinsmann Having traffic light now!! THX 2009-03-21
v Wow, nice work. Adds more needed realism to railroad areas.. 2009-01-02
tag_one Great work! They are wonderful! 2008-12-25
art128kan fantastic :) 2008-12-25