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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2008-12-25
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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
After several months of development, it's finally here: the SFBT Railway Prop Pack! This download contains the engines BR 143, BR 218, BR 232, BR 185 (in three different colors), DR 243, various freight cars, passenger cars in three different colors (first and second class, plus control cars), German buffers, additional catenaries and a pylon light for sidings.

This prop pack contains more than 40 different railway props. The props are intended for usage on rail lots and mods for SimCity 4. The pack only serves as a dependency, there are no lot or similar included. If you like to see those props in your game, you will have to install corresponding lots, or create your own. In the Lot Editor, all signals are listed with the prefix "SFBT_Train_...", so they are neatly grouped for easier finding. Most of the props are also available as timed versions, this is indicated by two numbers (i. e. "7-11" when the prop is visible from 7 AM to 11 AM) in the name.


sejr99999 thank you will get good use 2022-03-02
guacamolem Are the SFBT Railway Props necessary? They\'re for a German rail system & I would like to build an American rail system in my cities. 2013-08-09
LowcaKar98 fantastic very funny!!!!!!!!! ! 2013-06-17
N73A can you create a track change switch or a track change peice within the double track tiles? because i\'ve seen that the running trains passes within from the fake trains in railyard. That seems awkward! 2012-09-05
Jorge_carrillo I don\'t knowhow to do lots, Would you mind to do some? 2012-05-15
pjc1965 Fantastic ! 2012-02-18
tarmji THANKS 2011-11-05
wangbiliao 2011-03-22
djedu these trains are from Germany 2011-03-19
djedu i\'m planning a rail show 2011-03-19
roe99 Thank you very much for this wonderfull work 2010-09-03
marcszar Finally! Great work too! 2009-01-10
v Wow impressive :) 2009-01-02
amthaak I was working on the same project... I have to admit that you are miles away. Congratulations! I\'ll upload my french railway station with your props. Thanks a lot. 2008-12-26
skyjuice huge!big up 2008-12-26
tag_one Wonderful work guys! One of my best Christmas presents :D 2008-12-25
SimNation Its kinda funny. I was gonna request if someone could make some passenger train props that I could use for some rail yards and you come out with this. LOL great. Now I just need elevated rail props and I am set :) 2008-12-25