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Creator: z Upload Date: 2009-02-27
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This package contains an update of an initial version of RTMT stations specifically designed for the NAM T-RAM networks. This version provides stations for buses and trams for both tram-in-road and tram-on-road. A more complete and developed version, with full RTMT functionality, will be available when RTMT V4 is released.

The package contains a total of six stations: a bus station, a tram station, and a combination bus and tram station; these three stations are present in forms for both tram-in-road and tram-on-road. There are also Low and High capacity versions of each station, consistent with the capacities used for other RTMT stations. These stations do not require the rest of RTMT to work. However, if RTMT is installed, they do not conflict with it either.

The second release of this package includes a new HD GLR shelter by SimFox, as well as upgrades of three other GLR shelters to HD format. It also includes the new station highlighting and query features that will see their first full release in RTMT V3.60.

Full installation and usage instructions are included in the Readme file. It is essential to read the entire Information and Installation sections, as they contain crucial information for installing and using these stations correctly.

2009/10/19: Multiple language support has been added, as well as menu support for the standard and DAMN menus present in RTMT Add-On Pack V3.60.


January 2009 NAM or later


permen17 good 2012-04-18
FerC Nice job, thanks! 2012-02-10
bombcar Very nice. 2011-06-26
z melbournepar: Please post a full description of your problem in the RTMT Support thread, which is mentioned at the bottom of the Readme file. 2010-07-26
melbournepar i can\'t get all the stations to work 2010-07-17
rjamesp thanks! grazzi! 2010-07-10
chiches182 so nice! 2010-02-28
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
roni-m3 look nice thnx 2009-09-21
Uzil great 2009-05-08
arkray7 i love rtmt! especially new road tram stations!! keep up the great work hopefully we will have one way single track tram networks in the future 2009-03-11
diegoPPbr cool! 2009-03-08
oka02 yesss! very nice 2009-03-03
z You need to delete all the stations you don\'t want from your Props subfolder. If you don\'t, you get the historic (Berlin) station. If this is not your problem, please use the support link at the end of the Readme file. 2009-03-02
Lifelookingforstyle its great!!! but the only station that shows up is the old school Berlin one. (yes i\'ve tried with each station, and this is the only one that works) 2009-03-01
TheHutt Yes! Excellent. This is exactly what I was looking for. 2009-02-28
CWS2710 Great work! I\'ve been waiting for a glr in road station. 2009-02-28
abcd Ha great! 2009-02-27